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Modern love: Love in the startup era! A tech twist to your romance

Valentine's Day
Picture credits: BrianAJackson/DepositPhotos

Valentine’s Day, a special occasion that celebrates love is around the corner. It is a day filled with flowers, chocolates, cards, and romantic gestures. However, planning the perfect Valentine’s Day can be overwhelming for some people. This is where startups come in to save the day! With their innovative ideas and services, startups are revolutionising the way people celebrate Valentine’s Day. 

In this article, we will explore how startups are making a difference in the world of romance and helping couples create unforgettable memories on this special day. From unique gift ideas to personalised experiences, let’s see how these European startups are spreading love and joy this Valentine’s Day: 

Send personalised gifts and flowers with Bloom & Wild, Lalalab and more

Kimai founders
Picture credits: Kimai

Gone are the days of last-minute rushes to traditional flower shops for Valentine’s Day roses. Thanks to tech startups like UK-based flower gifting platform Bloom & Wild and French online photo gifting Lalalab, personalised gifts can now be planned well in advance. From custom-made flower arrangements to personalised photo frames, you can now design thoughtful gifts for your Valentine. London-based Wonderbly specialises in creating personalised books, allowing you to customise the story with your loved one’s name and other details.

Additionally, British startup Kimai offers lab-grown diamond jewellery produced exclusively from 18k recycled gold, providing creative alternatives to traditional flower and chocolate gifts for Valentine’s Day. 

Love at first swipe with Happn and Fruitz

Happn CEO
Picture credits: Happn

In a world where love has embraced the digital era, the days of last-minute dashes to traditional flower shops are a thing of the past. Thanks to the tech prowess of technology, startups like French online dating apps Happn and Fruitz that enable a realm where connections blossom effortlessly. Happn is a location-based dating app that helps one discover people they’ve crossed paths with in real life.

Detailing about Fruitz, it was acquired by Bumble in 2022, which marks its first-ever acquisition. The French app encourages open and honest communication of dating intentions through the use of four different fruit metaphors. 

Subscription services: Cocoapod, Mindful Chef, Yhangry

Midnful Chef founders
Picture credits:

This Valentine’s Day, shift away from traditional gifts and explore the realm of subscription services that promise to turn every moment into a delightful experience for you and your loved one. Whether you’re a foodie couple or wellness enthusiasts, subscription services like Cocoapod, Mindful Chef, and Yhangry offer a unique and personalised touch to your celebration of love.

For the couple with a sweet tooth, Cocoapod delivers an indulgent chocolate experience right to your doorstep. The subscription service transforms Valentine’s Day into a delectable journey of flavours and textures, creating memories that are as sweet as the treats themselves. For health-conscious couples, British meal kit retailer Mindful Chef takes the stress out of meal planning while adding a touch of culinary excitement. With a subscription, you receive weekly recipe boxes containing fresh, high-quality ingredients along with easy-to-follow recipes. 

Yet another subscription service from the UK is Yhangry, which redefines the home dining experience by bringing professional chefs into your kitchen. It allows you to enjoy restaurant-quality meals prepared by top chefs, delivered to your doorstep. As you celebrate Valentine’s Day, savour the luxury of a private chef experience without leaving the comfort of your home. Yhangry transforms your romantic evening into a gourmet affair, elevating the celebration of love through exquisite culinary delights.

Virtual Experience Platforms: Love in the metaverse with Nevermet, Flirtual, and more 

Planet Theta
Picture credits: Planet Theta

Embark on a digital journey where love transcends reality with virtual experience, where every connection becomes a metaverse romance. Unleash the magic of technology this Valentine’s Day and immerse yourself in a world where love knows no boundaries. In the metaverse, the Virtual Experience Platforms redefine the language of love, offering a glimpse into a future where romance knows no limits.

Uncover the magic with Nevermet that brings together souls who might never cross paths in the physical world. It fosters connections that defy geographical constraints. crafts the art of virtual romance with tailored interactions and shared experiences. It redefines the essence of connection. In addition, Planet Theta takes dating to a whole new dimension by leveraging the power of virtual reality for the first-ever VR dating app. With this app, you can create a love story that transcends the boundaries of time and space this Valentine’s Day. 

DIY kits and experiences: Design your home wallpapers together 

Lick founders
Picture credits: Lick

Imagine a wallpaper that captures the essence of love, romance, and the beauty of Valentine’s Day. Here’s a concept that combines elements of warmth, elegance, and heartfelt emotion. London-based Lick lets you and your partner unleash your creativity and bond over shared activities. Whether it’s crafting homemade candles, painting pottery, or creating personalised love letters, these DIY kits provide couples with a fun and meaningful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day together.

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