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Spanish crypto gaming startup Elixir Games raises $14M  to build decentralised gaming ecosystem

Elixir Games team
Picture credits: Elixir Games

The blockchain gaming industry generated $1.7 billion investments in 2023, indicating the potential of this industry. The most recent investment was the $12 million Series A funding raised by Illuvium

Now, Elixir Games, a Spanish web3 gaming distribution platform, has closed its seed funding round with a $14 million fundraise. Investors in the seed round include Final Fantasy developer Square Enix, the Solana Foundation, and Shima Capital, among other private entities. 

As per Elixir Games, the investment will be used for the development of a comprehensive global gaming ecosystem slated to launch later this year. The additional funding will also support the launch of the $ELIX token, which will power Elixir Games products, and the Launchpad & Incubation Program, a support program for web3 gaming developers that will provide a streamlined launch process for games under the Elixir portfolio, also arriving this year. 

The 2024 roadmap 

The gaming startup has ambitious plans for this year. The $ELIX token aims to simplify the web3 user experience. This will be followed by the launch of the Elixir Launchpad, which ensures a seamless user experience, addressing existing gaps in the web3 gaming market. The Launchpad & Incubation platform aims to unlock premium features and grant exclusive access to initial game offerings (IGO).

It recently introduced a promotional Season Pass on the Launcher platform. Players can unlock exciting prizes and rewards by playing various titles available via the Launcher starting April 4, 2024.

Lineup of gaming titles 

Founded by Carlos Roldan in 2018 and now based inSan Francisco, California, Elixir Games has continued to grow and innovate in the web3 gaming space. Its flagship product – the Launcher platform has gained recognition in the industry. Currently, it hosts over 130 different games and has already exceeded 500,000 registered unique users.

Last year, the company announced a series of games to be released exclusively on the Elixir Games Launcher. Titles include World Eternal Online, an a16z-backed sandbox MMORPG developed by Care Loop Games Inc. and the most played game in Elixir, Cyber Titans, an esports auto-battler with eight-player strategy game developed by LitLab Games. Elemental Raiders, a free-to-play, turn-based hero battler, developed by Games for a Living and backed by Supercell has signed on exclusively with Elixir Games Launcher as well. 

The other titles coming exclusively to the Launcher are Chronos, Mokens League, Tinies, No Way Back, Tollan Worlds, Safrootics, and Caveworld. 

Through these agreements, it aims to bring Web3 games to players with the same ease of access as traditional games, locking the best content on the platform and enabling millions of potential gamers to explore a nascent genre through their easy-to-navigate Launcher.

“Today marks a growth moment for Elixir Games, fueling our mission to revolutionise the global gaming ecosystem,” said Carlos Roldan, CEO of Elixir Games. “This achievement reflects our commitment to innovation, unity, and excellence in web3 gaming. As we embark on this journey, our focus is on fostering a community with our infrastructure that leads to groundbreaking gaming experiences.”

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