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Silicon Valley’s AI Web3 startup Bluwhale from Standford, Berkeley and TikTok alums raises $7M funding

Bluwhale founders
Picture credits: Bluwhale

In the current era where social media platforms have gained dominance, users revealed their personal and private data for free. This data was monetised by corporate giants for trillions of dollars in advertising revenue. 

Silicon Valley-headquartered Bluwhale, an AI Web3 startup follows a new approach, which gives control and money to wallet holders. For the first time, wallet holders can be in charge of their digital profile and decide if they want to hear from marketers and monetise their information.

Raises $7M seed round

Now, Bluwhale has raised a $7 million seed funding round led by SBI, both SBI Ven Capital and SBI Decima in participation from Cardano (backed Lunar and Infstones), Momentum6, Primal Capital, NxGen, Ghaf Capital Partners, Spyre Capital, Baselayer Capital, Haseeb Qureshi (Managing Partner at Dragonfly), Charles Huang (founder of Guitar Hero), Jack McCauley (founder of Oculus), and the collaborative fund of Animoca (Japan), Gumi, MZ Crypto, as well as Sygnum and Azimut. 

The company aims to drive user growth, engagement, and retention by identifying and reaching potential users rather than the traditional mass advertising model that benefits only the corporate giants. 

Reshapes Web3 landscape with AI

Bluwhale was founded in 2022 by by Stanford and Berkeley’s machine learning experts and former TikTok AI veterans – Adam Rowell and Han Jin. It uses AI to link companies with Web3 wallet holders who have opted in, so dApps can directly reach their audience and potential new users while optimising their marketing spending. These wallet holders ultimately receive a cut of the ad and outreach spend that targets them.

Bluwhale uses AI and contextual data to generate a holistic picture of individuals in Web3. It extracts insights from on-chain behaviour, activities, and preferences to develop wallet personas and grouping, so companies may be more precise in identifying potential audiences, bringing transparency to the industry, and optimising marketing/sales spending. 

To date, Bluwhale has 180 companies already signed up to use its AI platform, currently in open beta, and more than 270 million wallets indexed.

How does it benefit users?

Bluwhale gives users complete control over how much of their digital footprint they choose to reveal to selected enterprises for profit. Users who wish to opt out can kick out inbound messengers from the queue or hide their personal information at any time. 

In addition to the passive income consumers can generate, they will also be served by AI with personalised and highly engaging assets, products, and services wherever they go in the digital world. 

Any Web3 company looking to connect with a wallet owner can easily reach out through secure on-chain and dynamically priced messages. This transforms digital communication into a market-like incentive system rewarding the wallet holders with greater popularity. To claim the rewards on their public on-chain profile, individuals simply need to connect one of their wallets and verify themselves through socials.

“It’s a new paradigm for a new era,” said Han Jin, Bluwhale CEO. “For close to two decades now, online platforms have profiled and targeted users without their consent. Companies have spent billions of dollars on Google, Facebook, Tiktok, and the like to target and mass advertise consumers. At Bluwhale, wallet holders can take control of their digital profile and decide if they want to receive communication, and at the same time take a cut of the outreach spending.”

Investor Haseeb Qureshi added, “The Bluwhale team brings together an impressive blend of consumer plus enterprise industry veterans and pioneering AI Web3 researchers. Their innovative approach is poised to elevate Web3 user analytics like an AI-powered Salesforce for the Web3 space.”

“Bluwhale pioneers a transformative shift in the data landscape, democratising user data and endowing users with unprecedented control over their digital profiles through the integration of AI and Blockchain technology. We’re excited to partner with Bluwhale’s team of AI and industry experts, leading the charge in revolutionising digital engagement and championing data ownership, while fostering enhanced business connectivity,” said Kevin Low, SVP at SBI Ven Capital.

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