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Y-Combinator backed Hannah Life Technologies secures $5.1M to help couples conceive

Hannah Life
Image credits: Hannah Life

Hannah Life Technologies, a Singapore-based, Y-Combinator-backed startup focused on providing couples with accessible and affordable fertility solutions, announced on Tuesday that it has secured $5.15M in a Pre-Series A funding round. 

The funding round was led by Monk’s Hill Ventures with participation from other investors, including Golden Gate Ventures, Anthro Ventures, and seasoned MedTech entrepreneur Dr. Jack Wang. 

Hannah Life says that the funds will be used to hire and scale sales and marketing operations to expand access to its products and services in the United States and Europe.

How was Hannah Life born?

Prusothman Raja and Benjamin Tee, alumni of the Stanford Biodesign Fellowship program, founded Hannah Life in 2021 after a difficult and frustrating fertility journey. 

“We got to know many new three-letter words such as IUI and IVF, and went for clinical procedures to help.” founders noted. 

Further, over 16% of all couples worldwide experience such frustrations when trying to conceive.

“We began to invent new and effective ways to improve our odds as we discovered insights in the conception process. We made the experience less frustrating for ourselves.”

Thus Hannah Life was born.

“Our vision is to become the go-to platform for any couple trying to conceive. The fertility health market is underserved with only 3% of the industry needing IVF. The other 97% of the ‘Trying to Conceive’ market – is faced with expensive and invasive solutions. We are focused on building an ecosystem with our proprietary fertility solutions that are less invasive, trusted, and affordable,” says Prusothman Sina Raja, Co-Founder, and CEO of Hannah Life.  

Solutions for fertility health space

The company addresses the needs of the Trying to Conceive (TTC) market, where the majority of fertility issues can be remedied at home. 

Hannah Life Technologies provides accessible and affordable solutions for the fertility health space. The company says the cost of its products is cheaper and is a tenth of the cost of invasive procedures such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) or IVF.

Hannah Life ecosystem consists of

  • twoplus Sperm Guide: The patented device helps concentrate sperm near the cervical opening to increase the chances of natural fertilisation. 
  • twoplus Applicator: The patent-pending, one-time-use device is designed for couples trying to conceive without penetrative sex. The Applicator helps deposit sperm directly onto the cervical opening to optimise chances of fertilisation.
  • twoplus Hormone Test: Provides detailed reports on each vital hormone and what it means for one’s body. It provides information like the level of fertility at their current age and indications of health conditions.

To date, the company has provided over a thousand households access to its products in Singapore and the UK and helped many couples conceive successfully. 

Hannah Life has seen strong demand for the twoplus products with revenue growth of over 300% quarter-on-quarter since launch.


Hill Ventures is a venture capital firm investing in early-stage technology startups, primarily in Series A in Southeast Asia. 

“Hannah Life has made incredible progress since launch. With its science-backed technologies, a D2C distribution model that lends well to the fertility space, and impassioned founders like Benjamin and Prusothman at the helm, Hannah Life is on the right path to lead the ecosystem of natural and affordable fertility solutions. The team has proven that they are capable of going through the full product development and commercialization cycle in a short time frame, across multiple products and markets, and we are very excited to partner with them as they scale and grow to the next phase of success,” says Susli Lie, Partner, Monk’s Hill Ventures.

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