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Virtuoso, a London SaaS that automates software testing gets $13.3M funding

Image credits: Virtuoso

Virtuoso, a London SaaS company that simplifies software testing with automation gets solid backing

Virtuoso, a London-based company that offers codeless test automation solutions to enterprises, announced that it has raised $13.3M in a Series A round led by Paladin Capital. 

Other investors include Mubadala Capital, Crane Venture Partners, Forward Partners, and Downing Ventures, participated. 

The UK company is planning to use capital to grow its sales team, increase USA market share, and enhance its product. To date, the company has raised $16.6M funding.

Reimagining software testing

Technology is moving faster than ever! Keeping up and adapting to it can be a daunting task. And software testing is no exception. It is expensive, labor-intensive, time-consuming, and is unavoidable. 

When it comes to software, testing is a crucial process as it identifies the hidden defects in a software product. 

According to a report, more than half the companies said they didn’t have the right tools for testing and couldn’t automate to the needed level. In the report, around 60% of businesses cited cost as the greatest test environment challenge. 

As the pace of software development is accelerating, there is a need for quality and appropriate testing. Here’s where Virtuoso becomes a big factor. 

Adil Mohammed, founder, and CEO of Virtuoso recognised the opportunity in the market, himself frustrated by the challenges associated with the testing process. 

“The current way of software testing is not fitting for purpose,” he commented. “If it’s inefficient, the QA and testing process can be a big barrier to growth. And we want to change that.” 

Adil Mohammed said that anyone should be able to maintain or create automated tests, no matter their technical skillset.  

Making testing faster and simpler

Virtuoso offers a SaaS platform that uses Machine Learning (ML) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to make testing faster and simpler. 

With Virtuoso’s platform, QA (Quality Assurance) team can identify errors and bugs quickly, reducing testing time by up to ten times and costs by 80–90 per cent. 

The company is planning to create fully autonomous testing with little to no human interaction. As a first step, the company’s codeless “intelligent automation” QA platform, imitates the action of a person when testing applications. 

With codeless test automation, the company’s platform enables both coders and non-coders to write automated tests in English using an advanced NLP and Capture engine. 

This allows teams to properly ‘shift-left and write fully functioning tests even before a single line of code is written. Virtuoso says this reduces the time taken by the entire testing process and allows companies to release better software faster. 

“This is just the start,” Mohammed adds. According to the company, the company is pushing the boundaries of what is expected from a test automation platform. 

“With support from Mubadala Capital and Paladin, we can take our product to new markets,” he adds.  


Founded in 2001, Paladin Capital Group is a multi-stage investor and focuses on companies with services, technologies, and products that meet the global cyber security and digital infrastructure resilience. It has offices in Washington DC, New York, London, Luxembourg, and Silicon Valley. 

Ken Pentimonti, Paladin Capital, Principal and European Manager, comments, “In this Software Testing Automation market, Virtuoso is way ahead in terms of versatility, the tech stack, and its ease of use.” 

Pentimonti concluded, “Virtuoso fits well with Paladin’s goals which are to help European startups scale in the USA and to enhance application security globally.”

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