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Female co-founded Nordic startup Ripe bags $2M to develop product-led sales platforms

A new generation of buyers and decision-makers have upended the way companies buy software. Buyers want to start using products and services for free in order to retrieve real value before considering a purchase. SaaS companies are trying to adapt to these new buyer preferences by enabling entry point products for free or through time-capped trials.

This is where Stockholm-based Ripe comes into the picture by building an end-to-end platform that makes the data they already collect actionable. It allows customers to boost engagement across by turning their customer data into actions.

Secures $2M funding

Now, Ripe, a product-led sales platform, has secured $2 million in a funding round led by Earlybird Venture Capital (that also invested in CELUS, Tilt and Freeverse) and Alliance Venture. Ripe will use the funds to grow its team and accelerate product development.

In addition, sales execs from B2B SaaS heavy-weights, Sara Brooks (VP Sales @Pleo) and Christian Finstad (VP Sales @Mentimeter) have joined prominent founders and investors, Johannes Schildt (Founder & CEO Kry/Livi), Fredrik Nylander (CTO Kry/Livi), Per Emanuelsson (Soundtrap Acq. Spotify) and Minoo Zarbafi (SVP Bertelsmann Investments) joined as backers.

“The industry is undergoing a big transition; it’s a very exciting time. Our ambition is to bring software sales and success teams the context they need so that they can focus on taking the next steps with customers. Our team is now growing quickly, and it’s a privilege to get more builders onboard,” said CEO Elin Lütz.

Partner Paul Klemm from Earlybird added: “The way that enterprise software is being purchased has shifted, attributing most of the buying power to the end-user. Yet, there is no infrastructure allowing sellers and buyers to instantly connect with each other. Entering into this relationship at the right time and manner represents a huge opportunity.”

What issue does Ripe tackle?

Bottom-up motions in SaaS are evolving at a rapid pace, and teams face new challenges that current go-to-market stacks cannot solve. For sales teams to succeed they need deep insights into how users behave in their products. Companies struggle to surface the right data and take action on it across all stages of the lifecycle, be it acquisition, onboarding and success.

Founded by Elin Lütz and Jonatan Dykert in 2021, Ripe’s end-to-end platform makes the data they already collect actionable. It has developed a product-led sales platform helping B2B companies to reveal and engage with their most relevant users and customers.

The platform enables revenue teams to couple product and CRM data to uncover and engage with prioritised sales opportunities. The platform identifies and routes the best opportunities directly to the right company representative. Revenue teams can then engage them directly inside the products they are selling.

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