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How this social app for Gen Z founded by ex-Revoluters wants to change shopping game with $3M push

Image credits: Tilt

Over the past two decades, online shopping has not advanced as much as it should have, given the leaps and bounds in technology and how people interact. It’s still pretty similar to what it was when it started out – you visit a website and scroll through products mindlessly until you find something right. 

Even the existing social media apps like Instagram, Whatsapp, and others have integrated e-commerce but have struggled to gain traction since users don’t intend to shop on their platforms. And here’s where early Revolut employees Abhi Thanendran and Neil Shah aim to change it by pioneering the next-gen shopping experience.

Meet Tilt, an interactive e-commerce app that aims to eliminate boredom inherent in online shopping and reignite the joy of connecting with like-minded shoppers. 

Abhi says, “We saw first-hand what it took for Revolut to grow from 0 to 15m+ users; now we’re focused on building something we’ve always been passionate about: the next-gen shopping experience for young shoppers.”

Raised $3M

Recently, the London-based e-commerce app has secured $3M in a fresh funding round led by Earlybird Venture Capital ( who also invested in CELUS and Freeverse), with participation from Seedcamp and TQ Ventures. 

The fund will enable Tilt to grow the team further and build a dynamic solution tailored to the future of GenZ e-commerce.

Image credits: Tilt

For the Gen Z

Tilt’s app enables emerging Gen Z fashion brands to build and connect with communities of like-minded shoppers who can purchase products directly within the app. 

Users can jump into video and live stream rooms created by brands on the Tilt app, invite friends, or chat with other shoppers. On the other hand, brands can connect their stores to Tilt in seconds to create shoppable videos and livestreams. 

Users can see products in action and buy directly inside the app without redirection to another website or the need to create accounts for different stores. Tilt is still in its early stages, requiring waitlist signup. However, the company claims to have attracted 100s of brands and features tens of thousands of products, with more to come.

Jordan Schwarzenberger, Manager of The Sidemen, says, “Tilt is building an app to transform the way we shop and discover products forever. As we lean into a new immersive virtual world, Tilt will lead the way, providing a more innovative, intuitive, and intimate shopping experience.” 

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