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NcodiN secures €3.5M to revolutionise AI processors with optical interposer technology

NcodiN Team. Picture credits; NcodiN

NcodiN, a pioneering tech company specialising in optical interposer technology, has raised €3.5 million from prominent European deep tech investors Elaia, Earlybird, and OVNI Capital. The funding will accelerate the development of NcodiN’s integrated optical link prototype (MVP) and support the company’s expansion to meet the growing demands of industrial clients in the semiconductor industry.

NcodiN is a leading French deep tech company dedicated to revolutionising optical interposer technology with its breakthrough semiconductor nanolasers and nanodetectors. These innovative optoelectronic components stem from over 15 years of research at the CNRS Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology near Paris. NcodiN’s mission is to provide cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of the disaggregated processor industry. Since its inception in March 2023, NcodiN has been supported by the distinguished incubator Agoranov and three top-tier accelerators: 21st by CentraleSupélec, Wilco, and Intel Ignite, all prominent entities within the French and European deep tech ecosystem.

Meeting the demand for high-performance computing and AI

NcodiN aims to influence the semiconductor industry by addressing the evolving needs of scalers such as Nvidia, Intel, and Qualcomm. With the explosion of AI, processors’ scaling has become a critical focus. Major industry players are eagerly awaiting NcodiN’s MVP, which promises to pave the way for the adoption of optical interposer technology in next-generation processors.

Scalers have recently shifted to disaggregated architectures, where chiplets are packaged and interconnected on an interposer chip. Traditional copper-based electrical interconnects have reached their limits, creating a bottleneck in the scaling of advanced systems. Optical interconnects are essential to overcome this “copper wall,” enabling faster and more efficient data transmission.

Innovative technology sets NcodiN apart

NcodiN leverages a unique and proprietary technology that offers unparalleled performance and efficiency, supporting data traffic at Petabit/second rates with a power budget of less than 100 fJ/bit. This breakthrough is made possible by the on-chip integration of ultra-small nanolasers and nanodetectors, enabling a high integration density of over 10,000 components per cm². This technology facilitates high-speed, reliable, and energy-efficient data transmission, crucial for scaling high-end processor architectures dedicated to supercomputing workloads.

Expert guidance from distinguished advisors

NcodiN’s vision is supported by a team of distinguished advisors, including international executives such as Léo Apotheker, former CEO of HP and SAP, and Éric Meurice, former CEO of ASML. These advisors bring a wealth of experience and expertise, guiding the company towards achieving its ambitious goals.

Statements from key stakeholders

Francesco Manegatti, Co-founder and CEO of NcodiN, expressed his excitement about the investment, “This investment is a testament to the groundbreaking work we are doing at NcodiN. Our unique technology and innovative approach, combined with the support of eminent advisors and strategic deeptech investors, position us for success in the AI and semiconductor world.”

Clément Vanden Driessche, Investment Director at Elaia, added, “Francesco, Bruno, Fabrice, and the NcodiN team have identified a unique opportunity in transforming the semiconductor industry with a new approach to photonic links. Leveraging 15 years of R&D and patented innovation, they are developing a groundbreaking optical datalink for the future of AI and HPC chips. We are proud to back them since the early days!”

Dr Frédéric du Bois-Reymond, Partner at Earlybird-X, shared his enthusiasm, “We’re delighted to become part of the journey with the NcodiN team around Francesco, Bruno, and Fabrice. We’re convinced by their excellent research and excited about the commercial prospective it generates. Promising times ahead!”

Éric Meurice, former CEO of ASML, highlighted the need for innovation, “High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence are pushing the limit of Semiconductor scaling and driving the need for optical interconnections. NcodiN is developing an exciting enabling technology, which is offering one efficient way to extend Moore’s law.”

Léo Apotheker, former CEO of HP and SAP, emphasised the potential impact, “NcodiN’s groundbreaking approach to optical interposers to connect chiplets, represents a paradigm shift in computational efficiency and speed. This technology has the potential to unlock new levels of performance and scalability, paving the way for transformative advancements in HPC and AI. Joining the board of NcodiN, I’m excited to lend my support as we embark on this journey to redefine the future of computing.”

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