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Kepler Vision Technologies catches €1.5M from ROM InWest to elevate fall detection

Kepler team
Kepler Vision Technologies team. Image credits; Kepler Vision Technologies

Medical advancements, coupled with a deeper understanding of nutrition, health, and safety, as well as the positive impact of exercise on aging, have significantly extended our lifespans. We now live longer than ever before. Additionally, breakthroughs in treating disabilities mean that individuals who would have faced shorter lives in the past are now surviving longer. From an individual’s standpoint and that of their loved ones, this is undoubtedly good news.

However, this longevity also presents challenges for society as a whole. Our population is growing, and with it comes an increasing need for daily care. Unfortunately, this demand is outpacing our capacity to provide adequate support. The crux of the issue lies in staff shortages within the medical and care sectors. These shortages place additional strain on an already overburdened workforce, leading to stress and underappreciation.

Thankfully, companies and startups recognise this predicament and are actively developing innovative technologies to alleviate the strain on the care industry. By embracing these solutions, we can better support our aging population and ensure that quality care remains accessible to all.

Kepler Vision Technologies, a leading software developer in the healthcare sector, has secured a €1.5 million investment from Dutch investment company ROM InWest. This investment will fuel the global distribution of Kepler’s innovative fall detection product, Kepler Night Nurse, aimed at revolutionising elderly care and alleviating the strain on healthcare professionals.

Empowering healthcare with AI and computer vision

Kepler Vision Technologies is a Dutch company headquartered in Amsterdam at the forefront of AI-driven healthcare solutions. With expertise in AI, machine learning, computer vision, and healthcare, Kepler is dedicated to revolutionising patient care and addressing the challenges of staff shortages in the healthcare sector.

Kepler Vision Technologies specialises in leveraging artificial intelligence and computer vision to enhance patient well-being through the recognition of human activities. Their flagship product, Kepler Night Nurse, is a smart sensor technology designed to detect falls, patient discomfort, and abnormal behaviour in real-time, enabling prompt intervention by healthcare staff.

Addressing staff shortages in healthcare

The healthcare sector is grappling with severe staff shortages, exacerbated by an aging population. Kepler Vision Technologies aims to address this pressing issue by providing reliable AI solutions that augment the capabilities of care homes and hospitals. With the support of ROM InWest’s investment, Kepler will scale up the production of Kepler Night Nurse to meet the growing demand for innovative healthcare solutions.

Cutting-edge technology for enhanced patient care

Kepler Night Nurse uses advanced AI and computer vision algorithms to outperform traditional monitoring systems. By significantly reducing false alarms and unnecessary strain on care staff, Kepler’s solution enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of patient care. Moreover, the software’s exclusive rights are protected by international patents, ensuring the security and privacy of patient data.

Expanding global reach

Having already distributed their Night Nurse product across 8 European countries, Kepler Vision Technologies aims to broaden its presence in the healthcare market. Plans to enter the UK and US markets are underway, with ROM InWest’s investment providing the necessary resources to support expansion initiatives and make Kepler’s software accessible worldwide.

Driving innovation in healthcare

Harro Stokman, CEO of Kepler Vision Technologies, emphasises the critical role of innovative solutions like Kepler Night Nurse in addressing the escalating challenges faced by the healthcare sector, “The healthcare sector has been facing urgent staff shortages for years. This problem is only getting worse due to an aging population. A quarter of the current workforce will retire in the next five years, while the number of elderly people will continue to grow. Elderly care therefore needs more support than ever. Thanks to the investment from ROM InWest, we can scale up our Kepler Night Nurse production to help more healthcare professionals in their work. My goal is for our software to be accessible across the world, and with great support like this, we get closer to achieving this.” With ROM InWest’s support, Kepler is primed to make significant strides towards its goal of delivering accessible healthcare solutions globally.

Commitment to quality and affordability

Janet Nieboer, CEO of ROM InWest, underscores the importance of smart healthcare solutions in maintaining the quality and affordability of healthcare services. “We are proud to contribute to Kepler’s healthcare solution. The Kepler Night Nurse offers a smart and more reliable alternative to existing home automation systems. It contributes to good patient care and makes the work of healthcare professionals more efficient. Smart healthcare solutions like these are essential to maintain the quality and affordability of our healthcare.”

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