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Northern Gritstone and Parkwalk Advisors inject £3.5M to advance adsilico’s in-silico trials

Alex Frangi_adsilico Founder
Alex Frangi, adsilico Founder. Image credits/adsilico

Virtual human trials or “in-silico trials” are changing the field of clinical research. These computer-simulated trials are used in the development and regulatory evaluation of medicinal products, devices, and interventions.

Numerous benefits of in-silico trials, include their cost and time efficiency, safety, scalability, and their ability to manage vast amounts of data. This innovative approach is transforming the future of medical research and setting new standards in the era of big data.

In a new announcement, Northern Gritstone and Parkwalk Advisors have jointly spearheaded a £3.5 million seed round investment in adsilico Limited. This cutting-edge computational medicine company, a spin-out from the University of Leeds, stands at the forefront of innovation with its pioneering in-silico trials (ISTs) solution.

Reshaping medical research with in-silico trials

adsilico’s approach revolves around the development of an end-to-end in-silico trials solution, leveraging virtual ‘synthetic’ patient populations. This innovative technique, born out of research funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering at the University of Leeds, is poised to advance the medical device landscape.

A paradigm shift for medical devices

The in-silico trials developed by adsilico utilize modelling and simulation to provide robust scientific evidence of device performance and safety. By amalgamating multiple data sources and employing generative AI, adsilico creates synthetic populations of unprecedented scale, offering a transformative solution for medical device developers. This breakthrough not only accelerates Research and Development (R&D) timelines but also addresses ethical concerns by reducing animal experimentation.

Strategic investment for transformative impact

Northern Gritstone’s investment of £2 million, coupled with Parkwalk Advisors’ £1.5 million, positions adsilico for pivotal development. The infusion of £3.5 million in seed funding will be instrumental in advancing adsilico’s capabilities and expanding its dynamic team.

Endorsement from influential leaders

Professor Alejandro Frangi, Founder of adsilico, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “Northern Gritstone’s and Parkwalk’s investment and support will enable adsilico to offer a scalable solution to the medical device market to produce evidence on an unprecedented scale.”

Duncan Johnson, CEO of Northern Gritstone, highlighted the potential of computational modelling, “Computational modelling has the potential to revolutionise the MedTech industry and reduce the risks to humans. Northern Gritstone is delighted to support adsilico’s team, who once again demonstrate that great science and technology-enabled businesses are being created in the North of England.”

Moray Wright, CEO of Parkwalk Advisors, underscored the significance of adsilico’s pioneering approach, “We are proud to be backing adsilico through this seed funding round. adsilico’s pioneering approach to in-silico trials has potential to significantly accelerate the pace of innovation in medical device development. It’s fantastic to see this university spin-out take another step forward on its vision to bring safer and more efficient medical devices.”

Safer and more efficient medical devices

The seed funding not only propels adsilico into its next phase of development but also aligns with the University of Leeds’ commitment to driving innovation in health technologies. Professor Nick Plant, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research and Innovation at the University of Leeds said, “This funding will help to redefine the development of medical devices, enhancing performance and safety with more certainty and speed, and most importantly, prior to human testing”.

As adsilico embarks on this transformative journey, backed by visionary investors and cutting-edge technology, the seeds of change have been sown in the realm of computational medicine. The infusion of capital marks a pivotal moment in advancing medical research, steering it toward safer, more efficient, and ethically sound practices.

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