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London VC firm launches $10M fund to invest in DeFi, GameFi, and AI startups

Infodriver Capital

An investment firm based in London has announced the launch of a $10 million fund focusing on DeFi, GameFi, and AI startups across the UK, UAE, Europe, and the United States. Over the last seven years, the company’s team of experts have developed successful technology products including supply chain solutions, automated lending platforms, exchanges, DeFi, and AI applications.

Investors with a minimum investment requirement of $100,000 are sought by Infodriver Capital, which anticipates a return on investment of 3-5x in just 2-4 years. The investment strategy charges only 5% in investments and diversifies the portfolio of startups from Seed to A round with a working revenue model. Aside from providing growth hacking services, the company also provides business development, co-promotion, influence marketing, and fundraising assistance.

According to Kirill Mishanin, CEO and Founder of Infodriver Capital, investing in startups in the Web3 space is a wise decision, as it is the future of the internet. Infodriver Capital is committed to shaping that future by supporting innovative startups in this field. Mishanin stated, “We are thrilled to be able to support these innovative startups and help them reach their full potential. We believe that Web3 is the future, and we are committed to helping shape that future by investing in startups that are working on innovative solutions.”

A number of promising startups have already been identified by Infodriver Capital, including Certhis wallets with utility collections, Aspis DAO asset management, Banger’s gaming DeFi, Toscale’s super app for liquidity and social trading, Main’ community-building platform, Stage’s music-fans for Zen Z, and Babylon Voice for Metaverse as a Media Wallet with Digital ID – VoicePrint, like Apple’s Face ID.

Image credits: issaro.now2/DepositPhotos

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