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Hadrian secures $2.8M to build world’s first autonomous cybersecurity for businesses

Image credits: Hadrian

London– and Amsterdam-based cybersecurity startup Hadrian is an autonomous offensive solution platform that breeches enterprise IT systems proactively from the hackers’ perspectives. Now, the startup just announced that it has secured €2.5 million (nearly $2.8 million) in a pre-seed funding round.

The investment round was led by Village Global from San Francisco, Slimmer AI from Amsterdam and a slew of international angel investors including Alex Weiss, managing partner of US-based cybersecurity fund ClearSky; Riva-Melissa Tez, Manuel Stotz, founder of UK-based Kingsway Capital; Chris Vogelzang, former CEO Danske Bank; and US-based AI venture investor. Also, specialist cybersecurity investors – CyLon’s Grace Cassy and Jonathan Luff and Alexander Ribbink, general partner Keen Venture Partners took part in the round.

First-of-its-kind first autonomous offensive security solution

Hadrian will use the investment to build the world’s first-of-its-kind autonomous offensive security solution. This solution is touted to help companies defend themselves from threats. As digitalisation is widening, companies are vulnerable to AI-supported, large-scale attacks. The autonomous offensive security solution will launch an effective defence against AI and will need contemporary cloud-based technologies to develop and test new attacks autonomously. Its proactive solution is highly significant at a time when cybercrime damages are estimated to reach $1 trillion.

Brainchild of a group of hackers and developers

Hadrian was founded by Rogier Fischer and Olivier Beg who teamed up with co-founders Tijl van Vliet (cloud architect expert) and Maurice Clin (entrepreneur). Built by a team of hackers and developers, Hadrian intends to improve organisations’ digital security across the world.

The founders of Hadrian came across cyber attacks supported by Artificial Intelligence and businesses failing to cope with these attacks. They realised that there is a pressing need to address the threats while companies are scaling up digitally at a rapid pace and traditional cybersecurity technologies are less effective. With its preemptive security solution, Hadrian is providing autonomous and scalable security insights to customers across financial, press, pharmaceutical and technology sectors.

Advanced insights into risks

Hadrian’s autonomous proactive security solution uses machine learning and cloud technology to deliver accurate, detailed, and scalable security insights from the hackers’ and attackers’ perspectives. Its solution is touted to run thousands of tests and scans on several clients at the same time.

Its platform provides advanced insights into the various digital risks. The Hadrian platform is improved constantly with new tests that are designed by ethical hackers. There is a wider perspective that lets the solution find even unknown risks. Its event-driven testing minimises the intrusiveness of the solution without compromising the continuous monitoring process.

Autonomous red teaming

Hadrian specialises in autonomous red teaming, which includes asset discovery and contextualisation, monitoring and testing, and interpretation and intelligent risk assessment.

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