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French spacetech Skynopy lands $3.1M to connect with Low Earth Orbit satellites

Skynopy team
Picture credits: Skynopy

Skynopy, a French spacetech startup specialised in satellite connectivity, has landed $3.1 million in funding. With this round, the total funding raised by the company accounts for $200 million.

The round was supported by a pool of investors, including the European fund Heartcore Capital (invested in FlexAI and Finematter), Kima Ventures (invested in Tulyp and Hylight), Better Angle, and BPI France, alongside well-known entrepreneurs like Thibaud Elziere (e-founders, Hexa) and Yohann Leroy (CEO of Maia Space). 

Funds utilisation 

This initial funding will enable Skynopy to develop its turnkey connectivity service for LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellite operators, addressing the growing needs of the rapidly expanding space industry.

In addition, it will enable the startup to accelerate the commercial deployment of its ground station offering. The startup has already signed industrial partnerships to integrate initial ground station networks and implement its vision of turnkey connectivity. Finally, this funding will allow the company to structure its teams through new recruitment.

Yohan Pereira, Representative of Heartcore Capital said, “Skynopy offers an innovative solution to a major challenge in the space industry. Pierre and Antonin’s profound market knowledge, coupled with their ambitious international vision— made obvious through their significant contributions to Loft’s success in Europe — strengthens our belief in their ability to revolutionise the satellite connectivity sector. We are fully convinced of their transformative potential and are thrilled to be part of the Skynopy journey.”

What challenge does Skynopy address?

Imagine, when sending a video with your phone, having to locate the nearest antenna, orient your smartphone towards the antenna, define and adjust the radio settings, including modulations and protocols, and then being charged per minute of antenna use for this service. This is the technical and commercial complexity that all satellite operators currently face when downloading a picture or video taken by a satellite. Skynopy aims to solve this complexity.

Founded in 2023 by Pierre Bertrand and Antonin Hirsch, former directors of Loft Orbital, Skynopy aims to bring the simplicity of mobile phone connectivity to low-orbit satellites and the constellation sector.

What does Skynopy do?

The spacetech startup offers a seamless and simplified service for global satellite operators to connect their satellites using its hybrid network of ground antennas. Its approach allows operators to focus on their missions without worrying about the technical details of connectivity or the costly internal infrastructure of ground antennas, providing smooth communication with their satellites, similar to a mobile phone experience. 

Skynopy is developing universal connectors capable of interfacing with existing ground station networks allowing it to scale much faster than a more traditional approach. This strategy allows Skynopy to offer high-bandwidth connectivity while limiting its CAPEX needs, thus positioning itself as the Airbnb of ground antennas. 

The company has already signed and delivered several contracts with key players in the French space ecosystem, including HEMERIA and CNES, just six months after its debut.

Pierre Bertrand, CEO of Skynopy, commented: “The ground segment, and specifically ground stations, is the third pillar of any space infrastructure, alongside the launch vehicle and the satellites. Today, industrial players and public policies have tended to underestimate this essential pillar, which is crucial for data creation and retrieval, representing up to 20% of a mission’s cost. Skynopyaims to solve this deadlock and offer a true innovation in the business model. In this context, this funding round marks a major milestone for Skynopy and the development of the first seamless satellite connectivity service, meeting the growing needs of the space industry.

Lionel Suchet, Director of Innovation, Applications, and Science at CNES added: “Skynopy’s ground station service addresses a well-identified commercial need within the satellite ecosystem, thus filling a commercial and industrial gap. Such a player, with sufficient commercial traction, can leverage major advantages, whether geographical, industrial, or institutional.”

What do we think about Skynopy?

The company is poised to revolutionise satellite connectivity by simplifying and democratising access for LEO satellite operators. It mimics the seamless mobile phone experience, addressing a significant pain point in the space industry. With strong backing from notable investors and early traction in the French space ecosystem, Skynopy is well-positioned to become a key player in the rapidly expanding satellite connectivity market.

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