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Apple, Intel, NVIDIA, and Tesla veterans spearhead effort to redefine AI computing with $30M funding

Flexi AI team
Flexi AI team. Image credits; Flexi

FlexAI, a universal AI compute company, has officially debuted with a $30 million seed funding round led by Alpha Intelligence Capital (AIC), Elaia Partners, and Heartcore Capital. The company’s mission is to overhaul compute infrastructure to expedite groundbreaking advancements in AI. FlexAI empowers developers with enhanced compute accessibility and efficiency, streamlining complexities.

About FlexAI

Led by experienced veterans from Apple, Intel, NVIDIA, Tesla, Lifen, and Zoox, FlexAI combines deep expertise in both hardware and software. Investors in FlexAI include prominent names such as Alpha Intelligence Capital, Elaia Partners, Heartcore Capital, Bpifrance, Frst Capital, Motier Ventures, Partech, and InstaDeep CEO Karim Beguir.

FlexAI is revolutionising AI compute by rearchitecting compute infrastructure at a system level. The company’s software intelligence, abstraction, and orchestration layer enable developers to access diverse compute architectures for training AI models more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Based in Paris, FlexAI highlights the vibrancy of the French AI ecosystem and its global ambitions. With its innovative approach to AI compute orchestration, FlexAI aims to revolutionise the industry and accelerate AI innovation worldwide.

Addressing key challenges in AI innovation

Addressing the primary obstacles stunting AI innovation, FlexAI targets the compute supply bottleneck, global skills shortage, and intricate, unreliable AI model development and deployment processes. The company is pioneering a new software intelligence, abstraction, and orchestration layer within the AI compute stack. This innovation enables developers to leverage multiple hardware configurations with minimal code adjustments, broadening compute accessibility, running AI workloads more efficiently than traditional GPU clusters, and simplifying AI application development.

Unlocking access to compute for developers

FlexAI’s vision is to democratise access to compute resources, allowing developers to build and train AI applications with heterogeneous compute architectures seamlessly. By collaborating with hardware leaders and cloud providers in the AI ecosystem, FlexAI aims to offer an on-demand cloud service that connects developers to virtual heterogeneous computing.

Brijesh Tripathi, CEO and co-founder of FlexAI, emphasized the necessity of exponentially increasing compute power to realize AI’s transformative potential. He stated, “We believe in AI’s transformative power to solve some of humanity’s biggest problems, but it will require a one thousand times magnitude more compute to be able to realize this vision. The availability of AI compute today is limited to a select few. Our vision is to unlock access to compute for the many.”

Antoine Blondeau, Managing Partner at Alpha Intelligence Capital commented on the importance of what FlexAI is trying to achieve, “Compute is lagging, not leading, AI models’ increasingly potent capabilities. To deliver on AI’s potential, the industry has to solve the issue of compute costs and that of stack complexity – both of which dramatically increase development costs and time to market. Brijesh and Dali, uniquely, have the hardware and software skill sets to architect and build the ecosystem for the AI compute orchestration layer. This is our second fund’s first investment in France. FlexAI’s choice of Paris as its headquarters illustrates the vibrancy of the French AI ecosystem, with the presence of a first-rate scientific base, world-class founders, and, increasingly, access to global capital, in turn enabling global ambitions.”

Strategic partnerships and product development

FlexAI collaborates with hardware leaders and cloud providers across the AI ecosystem, including AMD, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Intel, and NVIDIA, as well as key companies developing AI models and products. The company is set to unveil its inaugural commercial product later this year: an on-demand cloud service connecting developers to virtual heterogeneous compute, facilitating reliable and efficient AI model development and deployment across various architectures.

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