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Women-led FoodDocs picks £1.8M funding for employing AI to make safe food accessible to all

Image credits: FoodDocs

Currently, adhering to the food safety rules is cumbersome. This makes companies struggle and spend significant resources to achieve compliance. This is where, New York-based FoodDocs, a smart and fast tool for creating and maintaining food safety management systems comes into the picture.

Expansion and growth plans

In a recent development, the innovator in the food safety industry, FoodDocs has raised £1.8 million ($2.4 million) to solve food safety compliance issues with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The investment round was led by Bonnier Ventures with Forward Venture Capital and Spring Capital along with existing investor United Angels VC.

FoodDocs will use the investment to continue the strategic growth journey, drive further expansion in the US and the UK to reach more clients and partners, and further improve AI capabilities.

“The food industry is hungry for change because of the pandemic”, said Katrin Liivat, co-founder and CEO of FoodDocs. “Compliance processes need to become more efficient and company-friendly – that’s where we change the game. Leveraging AI, FoodDocs makes getting compliant 500x faster than the traditional method and allows food businesses to save 20% of their time on staying compliant.” Liivat added that the market is ready for innovative solutions to face food safety issues with simple yet genius food safety software.

Melanie Goldfinger, Operations Manager of Croatia for Bolt Market confirms the value of FoodDocs, commented that FoodDocs helped to accumulate all documentation accurately together. “They saved us a lot of time and are clearly customer-centric service providers. They strive to make our HACCP goals as smooth as possible and take time to educate all our team members on the usage of the platform.”

Safe food for all!

FoodDocs was founded by a couple of female HACCP consultants – Karin Repp and Katrin Liivat in 2017. With over three decades of shared experience in the food industry, they are well aware of one of the biggest problems in the food industry, which is managing food safety management systems, including creating a HACCP plan.

They have come up with the concept of FoodDocs after seeing thousands of companies and food businesses in trouble with their compliance documents. They created FoodDocs HACCP software to help business owners create their HACCP plan and manage their food safety management systems more easily. FoodDocs has included machine learning in their HACCP software to ensure food safety compliance. Also, it includes the regulations for all countries including the US and the UK, thereby providing safe food for all.

What does FoodDocs do?

FoodDocs helps businesses create a fast HACCP plan that meets all legal requirements. Its HACCP builder helps create a HACCP plan in less than one hour. It is possible to get a HACCP plan that is 500x faster and 15x cheaper without handling a lot of paperwork or hiring a food safety consultant.

FoodDocs’ HACCP system works best for small and medium companies, and it’s also ideal for new businesses including cafes, restaurants, fast food businesses, small producers, hotels, food trucks, schools and kingergartens, wholesalers and grocery stores among others. There are various HACCP plans offered by the company and these are priced starting from $99 per month. Also, the company offers these plans for a free trial as well.

The solutions that FoodDocs has developed are already valued by over 15,000 customers including Huboo, Smart Lunches, The Oxford Food Co., and Bolt Market. The latter has used this solution to expand to 40 new business locations across nine countries.

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