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London’s Signal AI that transforms decision making using augmented intelligence secures $50M

Signal AI
Image credits: Signal AI

As the responsibilities of business executives and leaders continue to surge, and the number of key stakeholders grows consistently, business leaders require all the help they can get to make informed, better, and confident decisions. This is where, London-based Signal AI, which applies Artificial Intelligence to public information to identify risks and opportunities comes to play. It helps companies that use media monitoring make better decisions and take their business to new markets.

Series D investment

The global decision augmentation company that transforms the way businesses made decisions has just announced that it has completed its Series D funding round by securing $50 million. The investment round was led by Highland Europe along with participation from new abrdn and existing investments such as Redline Capital, MMC, Hearst and GMG Ventures.

With this round, the overall investment secured by the company to date accounts for $100 million. Signal AI will use the funds to build their innovative decision augmentation solution.

David Benigson, CEO and founder of Signal AI, said: “Our vision at Signal AI is to transform business decision making through augmented intelligence. We are thrilled to have Highland Europe and abrdn join us in this latest round and appreciate the continued belief and support of our existing investors. The investment will allow us to continue to attract the best in class ML and AI product engineering talent, to scale our AIQ platform, grow our international hubs and advance the use of our decision augmentation solution with some of the world’s biggest companies.”

“Signal AI is a stand out category defining business” said Tony Zappalà, Partner at Highland Europe. “We are excited to be involved with the next chapter of the company’s innovative growth. David and the leadership team have a clear vision for the decision augmentation category they are helping to define and as Gartner’s research has shown, the opportunity is huge.”

Transforms decision making

Founded by David Benigson and Miguel Martinez, Signal AI turns the data available on the internet into knowledge and empowers businesses with their decision-making process.

Using its proprietary AI solution, its clients have reported revenue growth of more than 130% in 2018. In a recently released report citing input from over 1,000 C-suite executives at large US corporations, Signal AI stated that 85 percent of business leaders believe that technology for decision making can bring over $4.26 trillion additional revenue to the U.S. economy each year.

Signal AI claims that nearly 40% of the Fortune 500 companies use its decision augmentation solution for real-time media and market intelligence to uncover risks, trends, and opportunities that will support critical decision-making.

Some of its notable clientele include a G7 Government that uses the solution to understand drivers for vaccine hesitancy, and Deloitte that uses the tech to monitor changing regulation and policy trends to better advise clients. Also, one of the largest FMCG companies uses the solution to track the risks in thousands of ingredients and a FAANG uses Signal AI to estimate trust, perception, and potential risk.

How it works?

Signal AI uses a proprietary AI solution, which is unique. It not only mines data continuously in real-time but also in the AI layer, which lets companies train it to recognise key themes, risks or opportunities that exist across various sectors.

Previously called Signal Media, it has worked around the task of media monitoring tracking. Later, it was rebranded Signal AI. With the use of Artificial Intelligence and media monitoring,

AIQ, its core technology understands a decision maker’s context, monitors the data out there, and extracts knowledge from over 5 million blogs, broadcast, news, and regulatory documents on a daily basis. Also, it can search the relevance between companies, products, people, topics, and concepts.

AIQ enables companies and individuals to create proprietary frameworks by digitizing their knowledge and helping train specific entities and topics to capture insights relevant to their business. AIQ automatically applies proprietary sentiment analysis, deduplication, clustering, and ranking to transform an overwhelming amount of information into structured data that drive better decision-making.

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