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Cloverleaf cements $7.3M to simplify and automate workplace coaching with AI


Not a lot of people know that only 5% of employees have access to coaching programs despite a $13 billion annual market? Cloverleaf, claiming to be a leader in automated workplace coaching, is tackling this gap with a unique approach that integrates seamlessly into daily workflows. 

Today, they announced a $7.3 million Series A extension led by Advantage Capital with participation from Conductive Ventures, Origin Ventures, ScOp Venture Capital, JobsOhio, Cintrifuse Capital and 1809 Capital.

Earlier this month, we wrote an article about adapting to AI. In this article, tech experts explain why soft skills matter more than ever.

How the startup tripled its revenue and is redefining development

Since its previous funding round in 2022, Cloverleaf has tripled its revenue, a testament to the effectiveness of its solution. This new capital injection brings their total funding to $20 million and fuels their vision to extend their core coaching platform to encompass a wider range of professional development needs within organisations.

Cloverleaf’s impressive growth is just one indicator of its effectiveness. When asked about metrics, Darrin Murriner, CEO and Cofounder, highlights that their customers typically see a 15%-45% improvement within just three months in areas like psychological safety, trust in teams, and effective communication. Cloverleaf also significantly increases the number of employees who receive coaching.

Their platform leverages insights from respected behavioural assessments like DISC and Enneagram to deliver personalised coaching tips directly within the communication tools employees already use daily, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Workspace.

“Traditional development efforts often focus on senior leaders, neglecting the vast majority of the workforce,” says Murriner. “Cloverleaf offers a solution that provides personalised development journeys for everyone in the organisation, not just a select few.”

AI-powered personalisation for continuous growth

Over the past year, Cloverleaf has implemented advanced, human-centred AI capabilities to further personalise the coaching experience. This, coupled with integrations with leading collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams and Workday, ensures a seamless and relevant experience for all users.

“We hear constantly from Talent and Development leaders frustrated by low engagement in traditional learning programs,” explains Moorefield. “Our secret sauce lies in delivering micro-nudges directly in the workflow, allowing employees to learn and grow in the moment of need.”

Cloverleaf partners with major organisations like Workday, Cornerstone, Gallup, and Blanchard to enhance its integration capabilities and offerings. They also empower workplace consultants and coaches with unique insights into team dynamics, enabling them to further bolster their practices.

Cloverleaf: A catalyst for growth and recognition

Cloverleaf’s impact extends beyond impressive revenue growth. In 2023, they were recognized on the Inc. 5000 list as one of America’s fastest-growing companies, achieving a remarkable 1243% growth over three years. Additionally, they secured the title of the fastest-growing company in Cincinnati and #3 in Ohio. Further solidifying their success, Cloverleaf earned a coveted spot on Inc. magazine’s prestigious Best Workplaces for 2023 list.

Cloverleaf’s technology sends personalised coaching tips that leverage respected psychology data, helping individuals tap into their talents, build understanding, and foster better collaboration. Millions of tips are delivered monthly to over a million users, 20,000 teams, and hundreds of coaches, propelling individuals and organisations towards success.

What do we think about the startup?

In an email interview, Murriner elaborated on Cloverleaf’s vision: “The traditional coaching market is massive, yet serves a limited audience. By democratising access to coaching through automation, we believe we can double or triple the market size. Furthermore, organisations spend billions on ineffective learning and development solutions. We’re committed to using data to empower learning and development leaders to demonstrate the impact of their initiatives.”

Finally, on pricing and target market, Murriner clarifies that while they offer the most value to organisations with over 1,000 employees, they cater to all sizes. Their flexible pricing model allows them to start small with a team or leaders and scale up as the platform’s value is realised within the organisation. A free trial is available for as low as $100 per month.

With its flexible pricing model catering to organisations of all sizes, Cloverleaf is likely to revolutionise the way employees develop and organisations unlock their full potential. This investment marks a significant step towards a future where personalised coaching is readily available to everyone, empowering individuals and teams to thrive in the workplace.

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