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Mesh Security raises $4.5M as it bets big on ‘Zero Trust’ model for cloud security

Mesh Security team
Image credits: Mesh Security

Mesh Security, a Tel Aviv-based cloud cybersecurity startup, emerged from stealth and raised $4.5 million in seed funding. The round was led by Booster Ventures along with participation from additional investors.

Funds utilisation

Mesh Security intends to use the funds to expand operations and its business reach.

“You can’t just buy Zero Trust,” said Omri Hering, co-founder, and CTO of Mesh Security. “It’s a strategy, a new approach to cybersecurity. But there’s so much marketing noise around it that creates confusion among CISOs and IT leaders. Ironically, many so-called ‘Zero Trust plug-and-play’ point solutions create more complexity, silos, and blindspots that negate true Zero Trust.”

“We spoke with so many companies that are trying but failing to implement Zero Trust comprehensively,” said Netanel Azoulay, co-founder and CEO of Mesh Security. “Data, multi-cloud, applications, processes, environments, workloads, identities, networks, and more, Zero Trust in the cloud-first era is daunting. We purpose-built Mesh to provide a secure foundation for the Zero Trust journey, cutting through the noise and organizational silos to provide the continuous visibility, control, and protection needed to never trust and always verify, everywhere in a company’s cloud estate.”

Significance of Zero Trust approach

To address the increased attack surface and business risk caused by the hyper-connectivity, many organisations have begun implementing Zero Trust architectures to modernise their cybersecurity programs and attempt to diminish the impact of cyberattacks. Research by Microsoft revealed that 96% of security leaders stated that Zero Trust is critical to their organisation’s success.

Though Zero Trust principles are simple and verify every single digital interaction, organisations face gaps in applying and monitoring them robustly and consistently across a multi-vendor stack, different cloud environments, and applications.

Mesh is the industry’s first complete Zero Trust Posture Management (ZTPM) SaaS platform

What does Mesh do?

Founded by Netanel Azoulay and Omri Hering in 2022, Mesh lets companies find it easier to implement a comprehensive Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) security in the cloud, with what is being called the industry’s first Zero Trust Posture Management (ZTPM) solution.

The platform immediately prioritises sensitive assets and critical risks and allows organisations to build automated processes to bridge any gaps that enable continuous security and compliance. It also monitors anomalous activities in real-time and can automatically take action when assets might be under attack.

As part of its mission to help organisations to realise Zero Trust in the cloud, Mesh announced its discovery of “Cookeys”. This is a broad MFA bypass and impersonation risks in more than 100 different vendors, including Okta. These security risks result from improper session cookie validation that can give an attacker full access to mission-critical resources worldwide.

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