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Boeing backed AI Build scoops $3.2M to revolutionise large scale 3D printing industry

Image credits: Ai Build

The AI SaaS company Ai Build has just recently announced closing a $3.2M funding round. Its platform assists manufacturers in employing the additive manufacturing process to maximise their efficiency. The funding was led by  ACT Venture Partners and existing investor SuperSeed.

Additive manufacturing explained

Additive manufacturing refers to the process of creating an object by constructing it one layer at a time. This is contrary to subtractive manufacturing, in which objects are created by cutting away at solid blocks of material until the final products are complete. This process has a great potential in helping manufacturers reduce their need for energy, bypassing resource-intensive manufacturing processes.  Another key merit of this process is a reduction in the amount of material required in supply chains which in turn enables more environmentally benign practices.

The eco-design concept enabled by AM has been identified as one of the most promising and effective technologies of the future. Its design capabilities have been further extended and improved by pioneering institutions in an effort to capitalise on its vast opportunities for energy and environmental optimisation in subsequent processes.

With the recent global pandemic resulting in an unimaginable disruption to many supply chains, global manufacturers now recognise that this is the most crucial time to accelerate & scale the adoption of additive manufacturing, advancing to more sustainable factories of the future.

Mads Jensen, Managing Partner at SuperSeed agrees that the time for additive manufacturing to scale is now, highlighting, “This is a time when manufacturers are looking to realise the potential that additive manufacturing offers, making their supply chains more flexible, resilient, cost-effective and sustainable.”

Ai Build’s solution to manufacturers.

Founded in 2015 by Daghan Cam & Michail Desyllas, Ai Build enables its customers to achieve its strategic manufacturing objectives through its groundbreaking 3D printing software. Its product, the AiSync was designed by a team comprising creative and enthusiastic people with a distinguished background in the fields of 3D printing, robotics, machine learning, computer vision, computational design and physics. The intelligent software platform makes use of advanced geometrical analysis, real-world data analytics and physics simulations to automatically adapt and optimise the production of parts across different machines in large enterprises.

AiBuild’s autonomous large scale 3D printing technology is making its way into industries already being used in a wide range of industrial applications. Work is already underway with a global network of hardware manufacturers such as Kuka for robotics, Meltio for metal 3D printing and Weber for polymer machines.  Ai Build customers have reported productivity gains of up to 90% on a wide range of industrial additive manufacturing machines, with waste and greenhouse emissions being cut by approximately 70%.

This new capital infusion will accelerate Ai Build’s efforts to further develop its ML models for fully automated quality assurance. The AI-SaaS company also hopes to integrate its software into a wide range of industry-standard 3D printers worldwide. By creating a collaboration-oriented culture among its partners and customers across multiple industries, Ai Build hopes to unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing eventually achieving true global scalability.

“Since our product launch last year we onboarded over 20 hardware partners on AiSync as well as a customer base that is growing on a daily basis including several Fortune 500 manufacturers. The new investment will allow us to scale our teams across the board to continue onboarding new partners and customers rapidly,” sighted Daghan Cam, the Co-founder and CEO of Ai Build. 

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