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Balderton Capital invests in trawa’s €10M round to help SMEs save energy costs and emissions

trawa founders
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Modern energy procurement and infrastructure is complicated for SMEs who are usually unable to navigate the complex and volatile energy markets. Instead they typically buy electricity at a fixed rate, which is on average 20% more expensive than structured procurement. Energy markets changed overnight when war in Ukraine triggered an energy crisis and soaring costs across Europe and in Germany in particular.

Berlin-based renewable energy supplier trawa offers SMEs a new solution that takes away the headache of having to compare constantly changing electricity prices, secure energy contracts, manage renewable power sources, and more on top of their core operations.

In a recent development, trawa has secured a €10M seed round, led by Balderton Capital (which backed Payflows and ComplyAdvantage). German climate tech investor AENU also participated in the round, alongside previous investors Speedinvest, Magnetic, and TinyVC. With this, the total funding secured by the company accounts for €12 million. 

The funding will be used to expand trawa’s AI technology and build out its ecosystem of solutions to help customers transform the way they purchase and consume energy. 

Transforms the way businesses purchase energy

trawa was founded in 2022 by David Budde, Max Lüddemann, and Robert Quick. It offers AI-driven solutions to simplify how businesses purchase and manage their energy. It gives SMEs the tools they need to structure their energy purchasing. 

trawa’s AI can create an optimal combination of power from different products to match the buyer’s consumption patterns. As a result, it can procure electricity in installments at staggered times, yielding significant cost savings. 

Its management software allows companies to optimise how and when they consume electricity. It gives SMEs a real-time overview of their energy consumption, generation, and cost data and even allows them to automatically shift consumption to times of the day when electricity prices are lower. The combination of AI-powered purchasing and management software enables companies to save up to 30% of their energy costs annually. 


trawa’s partners include some of Germany’s largest suppliers and smaller energy providers such as farmers with solar and wind farms. This means all energy purchased through the platform is traceable for sustainability reporting purposes. 

Using these providers, trawa is working with a growing number of commercial and industrial customers in the DACH region, including the traditional textile manufacturer SETEX-Textil, the Amano Hotel Group, solar energy company Sunmaxx, logistics company Loxxess, and the automotive supplier Coroplast Group, to maximise their cost savings and secure their energy supply amidst a volatile market.

James Wise, General Partner at Balderton, said: “In the face of the climate crisis and volatile energy pricing market, renewable energy is a way for companies to take control of their energy security. trawa offers companies a bespoke solution for energy procurement, shielding SMEs from price explosions, helping them make the most of investments in assets like smart batteries and solar power and providing granular data for ESG reporting. We’re excited to be working with David, Max and Robert, who have built a fast-growing business, addressing a pressing challenge faced by SMEs today.” 

Philip Specht, Partner at AENU, said “Cost and sustainability targets are influencing the energy procurement process of European companies. Trawa is uniquely positioned to serve both targets and become the one-stop-shop for SMEs’ green energy needs, from securing renewable electricity to managing consumption and distributed energy resources.”

trawa co-founder and CEO David Budde commented: “Businesses face an immense challenge in navigating a volatile energy market. trawa uses its technology to help small and medium-sized companies secure not only more affordable, but also renewable energy. This financing will enable trawa to further build out our ecosystem platform to supply businesses with a solution that automatically manages and optimizes their energy costs, consumption and emissions.”

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