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Zingly snaps $10M for faster, more secure customer experience with GenAI

Zingly founders
Picture credits: Zingly

US-based Zingly has raised $10 million in seed funding to make the customer experience (CX) better. The investment came from Dell Technologies Capital, WestWave Capital (invested in Amplifier Security), Scribble Ventures (invested in c/side and PlusPlus), Formus Capital, Geekdom Fund, Array Ventures, Firebolt Ventures, Burst Capital, and the leaders in the CX industry.

Funds utilisation 

Zingly is rapidly expanding its teams in data science and engineering, sales, and marketing with plans to double its headcount by the end of next year. It plans to accelerate its mission to help companies collaborate with their customers and build relationships bigger than business.

“To truly revolutionise CX, it needed top industry leaders like those from Zingly to step back and fundamentally reimagine a new approach. Incremental improvements to CX were not enough. A deep technology solution intelligently combining data, GenAI, and humans, as well as a dedicated team of CX experts together with forward-looking Fortune 500 design partners was required for such a revolution,” said Zeus Kerravala, Principal Analyst, ZK Research. 

“The vision presented by Zingly happens once in a decade. We are excited to partner with the team right from its inception”, said Gaurav Manglik of WestWave Capital. While Gokul Rajaram, Board Member at Coinbase and Pinterest, and former executive at DoorDash and Square added: “What I respect about Gaurav Passi as a leader and Zingly as a company is that they have had the same mission from day 1. They work closely with large complex enterprises to solve deep challenges, and as a result, have built the best platform to disrupt the much-needed CX industry with clear ROI. This clarity of mission and singular focus has been a big reason for their continued success.”

Idea behind Zingly

Founded in 2021 by Gaurav Passi, a former executive at Avaya and Five9, Zingly was born out of a recognition that traditional contact centre solutions were becoming obsolete. With global inflationary pressures driving up the cost per call and limiting scalability due to the finite number of agents, the need for industry disruption was clear. Passi teamed up with seasoned CX, CRM, and CCaaS leaders from Five9, Talkdesk, and Glia to launch Zingly. 

Today, customers are primarily required to call 800 numbers and punch numbers into an interactive voice response (IVR) whenever they need to communicate with businesses. Phone calls are an outdated and frustrating experience, and for businesses, they’re an expensive and unscalable method of communication. Meanwhile, businesses are seeing 10x traffic on their website and apps while experiencing declining call center traffic.

Technology advancements in CX have typically focused on operational savings driven by cloud migration and agent support tools, but have often neglected the end customer. Zingly rectifies this imbalance by providing customers It is a faster, cheaper, more secure, and better-organised solution than today’s chatbots and 1-800 calls, eliminating friction and accelerating use cases like customer acquisition, onboarding, and support.

Revolutionises customer experience

Currently focusing on high-value industries such as financial services, healthcare, and product companies, Zingly helps organisations modernise their customer experience seamlessly by integrating with their existing technology stacks. 

Now, it is working with a Fortune 500 provider to engage with 5x more customers than traditional 1:1 phone conversations while reducing typical conversion time from 60 to 18 days, resulting in tens of millions of dollars of revenue uplift.

Its Zingly-Rooms is a patented, always-on space where customers can instantly connect and collaborate with businesses, eliminating the need for calls. With Generative AI product technologies, including Relationship-AI and Buddy, Zingly focuses on eliminating friction and accelerating engagement use cases like customer acquisition, onboarding, customer service and success, and many more. 

This is done through a modern no-code-low-code platform that integrates into any tech stack and intelligently combines cutting-edge Generative AI, humans, and data. The result is an innovative collaborative space that can scale to support service and sales operations for businesses of all sizes while providing hyper-personalisation for customers. 

“Traditional contact centre solutions are out of date and simply not personable for customers, or scalable for businesses. The math is clear, there are approximately 16.5 million call center agents globally handling potentially billions of customers. More importantly, the frustration and long wait times associated with traditional calling and rigid workflow-driven chatbots have created what we call a fear of reaching out (FORO) among customers. Our vision with Zingly is to destroy FORO and make it collaborative for customers and businesses to come together,” said Gaurav Passi, CEO and founder of Zingly.

“Zingly represents a significant leap forward from the traditional trade-off between personalisation and scalability in CX. While traditional calls are unscalable and conversational chatbots can feel too robotic, Zingly offers a new CX paradigm that is faster, cheaper, and more secure than both 1-800 numbers and conversational AI chatbots” added Gaurav Passi.

What do we think about Zingly?

Zingly is poised to revolutionise customer experience by integrating advanced technologies like GenAI and a modern platform. With its innovative technologies and focus on high-value industries, it makes online customer experiences delightful and personal by combining GenAI, humans, and data to provide infinite scale for businesses and hyper-personalisation for customers to drive revenue acceleration and create exceptional customer experiences.

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