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Amplifier Security launches AI-powered copilot to engage and empower employees with $3.3M funding

Amplifier Security launches AI-powered copilot to engage and empower employees with $3.3M funding

The cybersecurity landscape presents a constant struggle for organisations. Security teams juggle a complex arsenal of tools designed to identify and prevent threats.  However, the effectiveness of these tools often hinges on a critical but often overlooked factor: employee engagement. 

Addressing this very challenge, Shreyas Sadalgi, CEO and Thomas Donnelly, CTO and President, who both have two decades of experience in enterprise security, IT and automation founded Amplifier Security, which has now emerged from stealth mode with $3.3 million in funding today.

The pre-seed funding round was led by Cota Capital with participation from Westwave Capital and Shift Left Ventures, and included angel investments from industry luminaries and founders of Slack, MobileIron, Centrify, PeopleNet, SkyFlow and Mercury. 

In a related news, earlier this month, we reported about Anvilogic which raised $45M to expand security data lake adoption in SOCs, eyeing a slice of the Silicon Valley pie. Also, last month, French cybersecurity startup Filigran secured €15M for open source threat management.

What problem is the startup trying to solve

Security teams rely on a complex stack of tools to protect their organisations. However, these tools often generate overwhelming alerts that go unaddressed or create friction with employees when they disrupt workflows with forced updates or log-in requirements. This leads to coverage gaps and a strained relationship between security and the workforce.

Amplifier’s Solution tackles the concept of “last mile security,” the crucial but often neglected final step where security tools need to effectively engage employees in addressing security issues.

Amplifier’s solution: Empowering employees with AI

The Atlanta-based Amplifier security proposes a novel solution with their AI-powered “human-in-the-loop” automation and security copilot called Ampy. Ampy acts as a virtual security buddy, guiding employees through security protocols and helping them understand potential risks. This personalised approach encourages employees to participate in the security process, improving response times and overall security posture.

Key features of Amplifier Security:

  • Security data fabric: Creates a real-time view of security data across a company’s security stack, providing a single source of truth.
  • Enforcement of tooling coverage: Ensures all employees have necessary security tools and tracks real-time coverage gaps.
  • AI Security Buddy: Ampy personalises security alerts and guides employees through resolution with context and actionable information.
  • Security Hub: Prioritises security risks based on severity and helps organisations translate findings into actionable steps.
  • Engagement Studio: Enables security teams to design user-friendly workflows for engaging employees in resolving security issues.
  • Personalized Security Scores: Provides dashboards and insights into security posture for individuals and different departments.

Industry Experts Weigh In

Amplifier Security’s approach resonates with industry leaders. Steve Mancini, Head of Security at Guardant Health, emphasises the importance of employee participation in security. “Security has to be embedded in every function,” he states, acknowledging that employees can be valuable assets in identifying suspicious activity.

Likewise, Aditya Singh, Partner at Cota Capital, the lead investor in Amplifier Security’s funding round, recognizes the significance of Amplifier’s human-centric approach. He says, “Amplifier answers the bell with its unique human-in-the-loop solution.”

Moreover, Cal Henderson, co-founder of Slack, expresses his belief in the effectiveness of using platforms like Slack to engage employees in security automation. 

Amplifier Security’s approach resonates with industry leaders, who emphasise the growing need to bridge the gap between security tools and employee behaviour.

What we think about the startup

When security protocols disrupt workflows with forced updates or login requirements, or when alerts go unaddressed due to information overload, coverage gaps emerge. This disconnect between security tools and employee behaviour creates a vulnerability that attackers can exploit. Amplifier Security’s focus on employee engagement and AI-powered assistance has the potential to streamline security processes, reduce friction, and ultimately create a more secure work environment.

Amplifier Security’s funding and industry endorsements suggest a growing interest in human-centric security solutions. With companies like Slack and VMware showing support, Amplifier Security appears well-positioned to contribute to the shift towards a more collaborative and effective security model.

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