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AI-powered security startup c/side raises $1.7M to fight browser zero-day attacks

AI-powered security startup c/side raises $1.7M to fight browser zero-day attacks
Image credit: c/side

San Francisco-based c/side, a new cybersecurity company, has stepped out of stealth mode with $1.7 million in funding. The company is building security solutions that address vulnerabilities in third-party scripts used within web browsers. These scripts, while offering functionalities like chatbots and analytics, can create security holes if not properly monitored and secured.

Earlier this month, we also reported about US-based Wiz which is capitalising on cloud security consolidation with recent $1B funding.

Who are the investors

The pre-seed funding round was led by Scribble Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on early-stage technology companies. c/side also secured investments from prominent cybersecurity figures including Dan Scheinman, Kathy Korevec, and Jason Warner. This backing from industry veterans highlights the potential of c/side’s approach to web security.

“c/side is a pioneering cybersecurity company dedicated to securing the browser supply chain against zero-day attacks,” said Kevin Weil, Operator in Residence at Scribble Ventures. He further emphasised the extensive experience of the c/side team, which includes individuals with backgrounds at JP Morgan, Cloudflare, and Microsoft.

Investors also pointed to the growing need for solutions that address third-party script vulnerabilities. Dan Scheinman, an angel investor in c/side, noted the increasing importance of compliance standards like PCI DSS 4.0, which mandates stricter security measures for third-party scripts.

Addressing the threat of third-party script vulnerabilities

Third-party scripts are a double-edged sword. They provide features that enhance user experience but can also introduce security risks. These scripts often run on infrastructure vulnerable to hijacking, potentially compromising user data. Traditional security solutions primarily focus on protecting against inbound attacks and code quality within a company’s own systems. However, as Scheinman highlights, “attacks directed at a user’s browser—using external scripts—are becoming much more advanced and much more common.”

c/side aims to address this gap by offering a suite of tools for monitoring, optimising, and securing third-party scripts. Their approach leverages AI-powered detection to identify and neutralise threats in real-time.

“At c/side, we are creating a toolkit that handles third-party scripts with an advanced proxy service,” said Simon Wijckmans, founder and CEO of c/side. Wijckmans, who is a Belgian living in London, emphasises the dual benefit of their solution: enhanced security alongside improved website performance by up to 30%.

Aligning with evolving compliance standards

The emergence of c/side coincides with the rollout of PCI DSS 4.0 by the Security Standards Council. This stricter standard emphasises robust security measures, particularly for businesses handling digital payments. c/side’s technology is designed to specifically address these compliance needs.

Their solution offers real-time monitoring and scanning of scripts, enabling immediate detection and mitigation of threats. Notably, c/side offers a free tier with basic functionalities, making their solution accessible to a wider range of businesses.

What we think about the startup

c/side’s entry into the cybersecurity landscape brings a fresh perspective to securing the browser environment. Their focus on AI-powered detection and alignment with evolving compliance standards positions them to potentially play a significant role in mitigating zero-day attacks and protecting user data within the web browsing ecosystem. As they move forward with product development and partnerships, it will be interesting to see how c/side’s solutions impact the overall web security landscape.

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