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Amid ‘The Great Resignation,’ productivity platform used by Netflix, Salesforce, and LinkedIn picks $6.2M funding

Image credits: PlusPlus

PlusPlus, a Silicon Valley-based startup, announced that it has secured $6.2M in Seed funding led by Freestyle Capital with participation from Moxxie Ventures, Scribble Ventures, Sand Hill Angels, and more. 

How will the funding be used?

The latest funding will enable PlusPlus to onboard many technical teams, including fast-growing smaller companies who know how difficult scaling will be for them without the platform.

Marko Gargenta, CEO and founder says, “There are around 3 million tech workers in the UK – each with their own unique skills and secrets. Every company that is growing at a certain pace and has a level of internal know-how has a need to bottle up those processes in such a way that it can be used to successfully onboard new hires and share knowledge within the existing workforce. As most organisations evolve to become technology companies, this becomes a universal issue. “

“By building resilient technical teams that get up to speed faster, engaging experts and codifying their expertise, organisations can future-proof their success and scale quickly – improving employee retention and attracting world-class talent as they do so,” he adds. 

The Great Resignation is causing a massive shift in talent in recent history. Companies need to get people up to speed and work productively faster. They also need to codify internal best practices, as experienced, long-serving employees may not stay forever. It might sound like a tough task, but the US company PlusPlus is making it possible! 

Fast-tracks productivity

Marko Gargenta founded PlusPlus in 2017 after he realised that technical teams were underserved and siloed. Born out of Twitter University, PlusPlus is a comprehensive suite of engineering onboarding and knowledge tools that fast-track productivity. 

The San-Francisco company helps technical teams share understanding, stay on the same page, remain productive, and grow.

PlusPlus’ platform enables companies’ internal experts to host workshops, classes, and tech talks. The company says its platform helps with removing friction and empowering engineers at all levels to thrive. 

The platform helps reduce burnout and solidify the culture among existing employees as businesses recruit to fill the gaps. 

It ensures new hires are onboarded swiftly in a way that is informed by experts and boosts speed-to-productivity. 

Marko concludes: “By asking an ambitious question – do your new-hires know what your veterans know? – we demonstrate that traditional eLearning courses and learning experiences under serving technical teams. If companies can encode best practices and continuously share who knows what, productivity improves. Getting 10% more out of their people is akin to increasing their team by 10% – hugely valuable. 

The platform has been used and designed in partnership with the best technology companies in Silicon Valley including Netflix, Salesforce, LinkedIn, and Airbnb. 

PlusPlus is backed by the venture firms behind companies including Airtable, BetterUp, Carta, Clubhouse, and Intercom, and counts among its customers the likes of Airbnb, Shopify, LinkedIn, Netflix, and Salesforce. 


Based out of San Francisco, Freestyle is a venture capital firm that focuses on early-stage technology companies. With over $385M asset under management, the company has invested in over 125 technology companies.

Jenny Lefcourt, General Partner at Freestyle Capital, commented: “We are excited to partner with PlusPlus and support the team’s inspirational vision to transform the way in which technical knowledge is communicated and consumed. 

“The Great Resignation makes scaling a technical team harder than ever, so the need for employees to get up to speed and be productive quickly is more urgent than ever. PlusPlus offers an innovative and interactive solution, which not only promotes knowledge sharing but also prioritises culture in a world of hybrid work. As an investor, hearing from the companies who use PlusPlus and how much they rely on it, I realised the opportunity to support the company’s growth was one we couldn’t ignore.”

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