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FeelBetter snaps $5.9M for its AI-enabled medication management platform

FeelBetter founders
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Medicines are intended to help us live longer and healthier and to feel better. Sometimes, medicines can be taken in a way that makes them less effective. They can have unpleasant or dangerous side effects, as well as put a patient at risk of adverse events when mixed with other drugs or supplements. This presents us with a complex challenge to physicians, patients, and caregivers. 

Boston- and Tel Aviv-based FeelBetter is tackling these challenges associated with suboptimal medication management among patients with co-morbidities who take multiple drugs.

Plans to expand in the US

Now, the company, which provides medication management technology and pioneer of Pharmaco-Clinical Intelligence, has raised $5.9 million in funding. The investment round was led by Firstime Ventures and Shoni Health with participation from Random Forest VC, The Group Ventures, and existing FeelBetter investor Triventures. This brings the total investment in the company to $8 million. 

The new investment will be used to expand the company’s commercial operations in the US, further refine its solution, and empower more healthcare providers to deliver personalised, proactive care while optimising medication management.

Liat Primor, FeelBetter’s CEO and Co-Founder said, “At a time when investors are especially selective about the types of bets they are taking, this round and vote of confidence from the world-class teams at Fristime Ventures, Shoni Health Ventures, Random Forest VC, Triventures, and The Venture Group, as well as angel investors, validates the need for and potential of our Pharmaco-Clinical Intelligence as a solution for the growing, global health challenge posed by suboptimal medication management.” 

Yoram Hordan, FeelBetter’s CTO, COO, and Co-Founder, added: “The funding will enable us to expand our reach, further refine our solution, and empower more healthcare providers to deliver personalised, proactive care. Our Pharmaco-Clinical Intelligence, developed collaboratively by clinical and pharmacology experts alongside technology and machine learning specialists, seamlessly matches a patient’s specific clinical and pharmacology data with their sequence of health events. This unlocks unparalleled accuracy in detecting at-risk patients both individually and population wide and enables new levels of precision in disease management and prevention.” 

“FeelBetter’s algorithm has been trained on two decades of longitudinal clinical, pharmacy, claims, and lab data from hundreds of thousands of patients to find patterns in the complex connections and relationships between disparate data sources,” said Michael Kerbis, Founding Partner, Random Forest VC. “When taken together, these patterns can capture the full picture of a patient’s health journey, enabling FeelBetter to predict which individuals are at the greatest risk of adverse events related to suboptimal medication regimens and recommend timely clinical interventions to drive better health outcomes.” 

Eran Lerer, CEO and Managing Partner, Shoni Health Ventures, said: “From risk stratifying patients to preventing adverse events so patients can safely stay in their communities, FeelBetter offers a proven, end-to-end solution for the suboptimal medication management problem. It’s a groundbreaking tool that is poised to change how the medical community approaches polypharmacy, and we’re thrilled to take part in this important transformation.” 

Keren Kopilov, Partner, Firstime Ventures, added: “By incorporating the expertise of physicians and clinical pharmacists, as well as leveraging data from all relevant sources, FeelBetter provides a solution that is uniquely comprehensive. It intuitively fits into clinical workflows and enables optimised medication management at unparalleled speed and scale. We look forward to leveraging our expertise to support FeelBetter’s mission and continued growth as it meets the tremendous opportunities ahead.” 

Ensures medicines are safe and effective

FeelBetter was founded in 2018 by Liat Primor and Yoram Hordan. It is led by an interdisciplinary team of clinicians, clinical pharmacists, and technologists, the company has pioneered a new category of technology called Pharmaco-Clinical Intelligence. It combines novel pharmacology and clinical capabilities and is changing the polypharmacy paradigm on both an individual and population health level. 

A comprehensive solution powered by AI and machine learning capabilities, FeelBetter’s Pharmaco-Clinical Intelligence drives proactive, personalised medication management, helping healthcare professionals ensure that their patients’ medication regimens are safe, effective, and appropriate.

Recognising that a range of diverse factors can influence a senior patient’s health status, FeelBetter’s Pharmaco-Clinical Intelligence synthesises and analyses healthcare data from multiple sources to pinpoint patients at high risk of deterioration and preventable hospitalisation due to suboptimal medication management. 

The SaaS solution also proactively suggests immediate and actionable interventions to reduce polypharmacy risks, and aids healthcare providers in monitoring patients’ progress and measuring the impact of clinical interventions. Additionally, by using FeelBetter, provider organisations can more effectively and efficiently allocate resources to better serve patients, and minimise preventable, costly use of healthcare services. 

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