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The Games Fund fuels ROAR Games with $1.5M investment for ‘Tenet of the Spark’ development

ROAR Games
‘Tenet of the Spark’. Image credits; ROAR Games

Providing a much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life, gaming has been captivating audiences since the late 1970s, with its popularity showing no signs of slowing down. As of 2024, it’s estimated that over 3 billion people across the globe regularly indulge in this immersive form of escapism. The gaming industry is a battleground, with fierce competition making it challenging for startups to carve out their niche. To make their mark in this fast-paced industry, emerging developers must ensure their game releases not only stand out from the crowd but also deliver an unforgettable gaming experience.

New York-based ROAR Games, an emerging independent games studio, has proudly announced a significant investment of $1.5 million from The Games Fund. This specialised early-stage VC fund focuses on supporting innovative video game developers and studios. The investment will propel the development of ROAR Games’ debut title, ‘Tenet of the Spark,’ an original action-adventure game slated for release on PC and console platforms.

‘Tenet of the Spark’

‘Tenet of the Spark’ immerses players in the journey of a courageous young boxer who gains extraordinary abilities to perceive the world through the powers of his ancestors. Set in a vibrant and dynamic universe, the game features a unique world-switching mechanic that allows players to seamlessly transition between immersive environments inspired by Ancient South American and Viking civilisations. Each setting offers distinct visuals, sounds, and gameplay mechanics, enhancing the depth and diversity of the player experience.

The Games Fund

The Games Fund (TGF) is a leading gaming VC fund with a focus on early-stage investments in innovative games and GameTech companies. Founded by industry veterans, TGF holds the largest gaming portfolio in Eastern Europe and Cyprus. Recognised as one of the top early-stage gaming investors, TGF is committed to supporting the next generation of gaming talent and innovation.

The investment from The Games Fund will enable ROAR Games to accelerate the development of ‘Tenet of the Spark’ and further expand its global reach. With a focus on creating exceptional AA gaming experiences, ROAR Games hopes to captivate audiences worldwide.

Delivers captivating gaming experiences

ROAR Games is an independent games studio founded in 2023 by the team behind ZHEESHEE, a renowned CGI production studio. Leveraging their expertise in CGI, VFX, and animation, ROAR Games aims to deliver captivating gaming experiences. With a 30-strong global team spanning the US, Georgia, Europe, and Asia, ROAR Games is dedicated to pushing creative boundaries and crafting memorable gaming experiences.

Artem Shcherbakov, Founder and CEO of ROAR Games, expressed his excitement about partnering with The Games Fund, emphasising their shared vision for ‘Tenet of the Spark’ as an immersive and transcendent gaming experience.

“I’m delighted to welcome The Games fund as our first investor. We were impressed by their human approach and willingness to buy into our team’s vision for an experience and an IP that can transcend the boundaries of gaming. ‘Tenet of the Spark’ has already captured the imagination of millions of potential players around the world and the community’s reaction made us realise that a vibrant, energetic story could get a new life in the form of a game.”

Ilya Karpinskiy, Co-Founder and General Partner of The Games Fund highlighted ROAR Games’ unique approach to game development and their ability to create visually stunning experiences.

“ROAR Games is a natural fit for our approach of investing in people and content that can shape the future of gaming, even if they don’t have a traditional gaming background. With their animation skills it’s clear the team can create striking visuals, but we were also able to get a feel for the crunching multi-civilisation melee combat that will make ‘Tenet of the Spark’ a truly memorable experience. In a world of live service giants, there’s a clear opportunity for beautifully crafted AA experiences that push the creative envelope to build new cross-media IPs.

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