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StoryCo raises $6M for using blockchain technology to connect Hollywood creatives and fans

Photo Credit: StoryCo

Hollywood studios have monopolised the distribution of content and financial gains for far too long. One of many startups, StoryCo believes that blockchain and Web3 technology will open up enormous new opportunities for TV and film creatives.

The blockchain-based platform that connects Hollywood creators with fans directly, has now received $6M in seed funding. Collab + Currency and Patron led the round, with participation from Blockchange Ventures, Flamingo DAO, and executives from United Talent Agency and William Morris Endeavor.

The Disco Ball

StoryCo also revealed The Disco Ball, its first narrative experience, which will be released in 2023. Kyle Killen, the creator of the Halo television series, and artists Shelby and Sandy will create the “immersive and collaborative storytelling experience,” but they are asking for community participation to complete the main character’s journey. Community members can access pre-release content, solve puzzles, discover artefacts, and jointly develop the narrative experience by using a StoryPass non-fungible token (NFT).

Its founders Justin and J.P. Alanís said, “We feel so fortunate to have Kyle as our first Story Architect working alongside shelby and sandy to create a new immersive storytelling experience. Kyle and shelby and sandy are trailblazers at the forefront of a new technological movement at StoryCo. We are building a new model that will drive the development of incredible new stories and allow our community of creatives and fans to contribute meaningfully to its expansion.”

Founded by brothers Justin Alans and J.P. Alans in 2018, StoryCo is a platform where creators and passionate fans can connect, collaborate, co-create, and co-own the next generation of story franchise IP alongside established Hollywood talent.

“StoryCo has created a pathway for an entirely new form of storytelling, allowing for a freedom of creative expression that previously didn’t exist,” said Kyle Killen. “I’ve long been looking for a way to immerse the audience more deeply into the story by making them a part of both the story and the creative process, and the technologies made available by StoryCo now enable that to happen.”

“We are honoured to be the first Story Artists on the StoryCo platform,” said shelby and sandy. “It has been an incredible experience working with Kyle and the StoryCo team to empower a new form of community storytelling through amazing art that brings The Disco Ball world to life.”

“Despite Hollywood and the entertainment industry growing into such a massive business around original IP in recent years, the creative talent that help to imagine and bring these stories to life are often overlooked and excluded from the value they help to create. We believe that better models will emerge which help emerging creative talent to capture and share in the value around these IP. We’re thrilled to be partnering with the StoryCo team as they look to build a platform which does just this, helping creatives attain more control and ownership of the IP they help to create,” said Jason Yeh, General Partner at Patron.

“Historically, fans of the most well known stories and IP are often downplayed as mere consumers, not as owners, collaborators, or sources of inspiration. That changes today. Our team couldn’t be more excited to back StoryCo, the internet’s first open ecosystem of story creation, interaction, and most importantly—ownership,” said Derek Edward Schloss, Managing Partner at Collab+Currency.

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