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Skyflow locks in $30M funding for data privacy in AI and global data residency

Image credits; Skyflow

As the AI landscape continues to expand and organizations increasingly embrace this transformative technology, safeguarding data privacy becomes both more challenging and more critical. Existing security methods often grapple with the delicate balance between vulnerability and data usability for its intended purposes. Enter Skyflow, a pioneering data privacy vault company. Leveraging their proprietary technology, Skyflow tackles data security challenges head-on, enabling seamless operation for AI and large language models (LLMs) while maintaining robust privacy safeguards.

This week, Skyflow has announced the successful completion of a $30 million extension to its Series B funding round. Khosla Ventures led the investment which also saw participation from existing investors including Mouro Capital, Foundation Capital, and Canvas Ventures. This funding round comes on the heels of Skyflow’s impressive revenue growth of over 210% and widespread adoption in the emerging market of sensitive data protection for Large Language Models (LLMs).

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Skyflow is a leading data privacy and AI privacy company dedicated to simplifying data isolation, protection, and governance for enterprises worldwide. With its global network of data privacy vaults, Skyflow empowers companies across various industries to securely implement LLMs and meet complex data localisation requirements, ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive data in an increasingly interconnected world.

Transforming data privacy

Skyflow is revolutionising the landscape of data privacy with its innovative data privacy vault, designed to simplify the isolation, protection, and governance of customers’ most sensitive data. Through its global network of data privacy vaults, Skyflow offers a comprehensive solution for enterprises seeking to securely implement LLMs and comply with complex data localisation requirements. Trusted by global brands such as GoodRx, Lenovo, and Hippocratic AI, Skyflow currently manages nearly a billion records of user data and processes over two billion API calls quarterly.

Redefining trust and privacy infrastructure

Vinod Khosla, founder of Khosla Ventures, emphasised the critical role of trust and privacy infrastructure in safeguarding sensitive data in today’s AI-driven enterprise landscape. He commended Skyflow for its innovative approach, “With the advent of enterprise applications powered by AI, the need for trust and privacy infrastructure is key to protecting sensitive data. Skyflow is rethinking how data can be managed and protected across any app, cloud or LLM, making it a company that will be vital for every enterprise business.”

Empowering privacy by design

Anshu Sharma, co-founder and CEO of Skyflow, highlighted the growing imperative for companies to prioritise privacy as AI and LLMs continue to evolve, “We see an urgent need for companies to make privacy a core part of their technology stack as LLMs and AI hurdle forward, ingesting more and more personal data. Skyflow is the only solution that allows companies to build privacy by design into their technological infrastructure without overhauling anything – anywhere in the world.”

Innovative encryption technology

Skyflow’s data privacy vault is powered by polymorphic encryption, a proprietary technology that allows for data protection without compromising usability for critical business operations such as analytics and customer support. This innovative encryption method ensures that sensitive data remains secure and inaccessible to unauthorised parties.

The adoption of LLMs presents significant challenges for enterprises, particularly in terms of data privacy and security. Skyflow acts as a privacy trust layer, helping companies prevent sensitive data from entering AI models and simplifying compliance with privacy regulations.

Expanding data residency solutions

Skyflow recently expanded its data residency solution to include support for China, enabling global companies to scale in Asia while complying with stringent data privacy regulations. This expansion underscores Skyflow’s commitment to providing comprehensive data privacy solutions tailored to the needs of its diverse customer base.

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