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Founded by musician, this GenAI powered platform raises £2.5M to artificially produce audio faster, better and cheaper

Founded by musician, this GenAI powered platform raises £2.5 M to artificially produce audio faster, better and cheaper

The world of audio production is on the cusp of a major transformation, and London-based startup AudioStack is at the forefront, armed with a £2.5 million pre-Series A funding round led by Quadri Ventures. Their secret weapon? Generative Artificial intelligence (GenAI).

Not too long ago, a similar platform Wondercraft, an AI-powered audio content platform, had also secured $3 million in seed funding to expand its platform and also ElevenLabs working on audio AI software landed $80 million in a Series B funding round at a valuation of $1B, hitting the unicorn status.

Founded by co-founders Dr Timo Kunz, who is a musician and AI Ph.D. in 2019, along with Peadar Coyle, and Björn Ühss, AudioStack’s proprietary technology leverages a suite of AI-powered media creation tools, including script generation, text-to-speech, speech-to-speech, generative music, and dynamic versioning. 

This approach empowers enterprises to construct intricate audio production workflows with unprecedented speed, surpassing real-time capabilities. By using the AI, AudioStack makes audio production cost-effective and time-efficient that remains scalable without sacrificing quality.

From manual to AI-powered: What is the difference?

Traditionally, audio production has been a slow, manual process, often bogged down by repetitive tasks and limited scalability. AudioStack is shattering these limitations with its end-to-end platform, seamlessly integrating AI-powered tools for various aspects of audio creation. 

From generating voice-overs and crafting dynamic ad spots to synthesising custom brand voices and designing immersive soundscapes, the platform automates the entire workflow, streamlining the process and making it better altogether.

Benefits: Speed, scale, and personalization

The idea about AudioStack lies in the it’s ability to deliver exceptional results at an unprecedented pace. It helps create high-quality studio-grade audio assets faster than real-time, empowering users to generate thousands of variations of audio content with ease. 

This opens doors to personalised experiences, tailoring audio to specific audiences based on language, voice, and even calls to action. No more waiting days for audio turnaround; AudioStack compresses the process into hours, even minutes, saving valuable time and resources.

The AI advantage: Cost-effectiveness and market potential

The financial implications are equally compelling. Automating workflows and leveraging AI production significantly reduces costs, making high-quality audio creation more accessible for businesses of all sizes. 

This cost-effectiveness, coupled with the platform’s scalability and personalization capabilities, positions AudioStack to capitalise on the burgeoning AI-powered audio market, projected to reach a staggering $192 billion by 2032.

Now, with the recent funding, the company is planning to expand its presence in the US, UK and Germany. 

Major ad agencies and global brands are already using AudioStack

AudioStack’s innovative approach has already garnered the attention of industry leaders. Major ad agencies like Omnicom and Publicis, publishers such as Acast and iHeart, and global brands like McDonald’s, Porsche, and Mountain Dew are already leveraging the platform’s capabilities. This early adoption speaks volumes about the potential of AudioStack to disrupt the traditional audio production landscape.

Expert insights and comments on AudioStack

Industry experts are bullish on AudioStack’s future. Alexis van de Wyer, former CEO of AdsWizz and current board member at AudioStack, emphasises the “huge market potential” and lauds the team’s ability to address critical pain points in audio production.

Andrew Drylie, Principal at Quadri Ventures, highlights AudioStack’s “category-creating Generative AI solution” and their potential to become the “leading infrastructure for audio production globally.”

With the recent funding boost, AudioStack plans to double down on successful business cases, expand their global reach, and further refine their AI-powered solutions. This journey is likely to disrupt the status quo, paving the way for a future where GenAI transforms audio production, making it faster, more efficient, and deeply personalised.

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