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Canva of Audio: Y Combinator & Steven Bartlett back $3M round of this GenAI podcast disruptor

Canva of Audio: Y Combinator & Steven Bartlett back $3M round of this GenAI podcast disruptor

Wondercraft, a company pioneering AI-powered audio content, has secured $3 million in seed funding to expand its “Canva of audio” platform. This round was led by Will Ventures and backed by Y Combinator, Gen AI voice unicorn ElevenLabs, Dragon Den’s Steven Bartlett, and other angel investors. Wondercraft’s platform allows anyone to create studio-quality audio productions for podcasts, ads, audiobooks, meditations, or training materials in any language, simply by typing.

The founding team

The London-based company was founded by Palantir engineers Dimitris Nikolaou and Youssef Rizk, alongside Oskar Serrander, former COO at Acast and executive at Spotify and iHeartMedia. 

Dimitris Nikolaou, a Greek native, ventured to the UK for university and earned an MSc in Computer Science from Imperial. Post-graduation, he immersed himself in the startup world after honing his skills at Palantir, where he focused on machine learning applications. Together with Youssef, a fellow Palantir alum, they collaborated with Oskar Serrander, a seasoned industry leader with an impressive career in media technology, including scaling Acast from 0 to IPO on Nasdaq. Youssef, a trilingual Egyptian raised in London, shares a passion for numbers and science. The trio united to launch Wondercraft, creating the next big thing in audio technology. Their passion for audio storytelling and technology-fueled their mission to make audio creation accessible to all creators and brands.

What unique stuff does Wondercraft bring to the table?

Wondercraft eliminates the need for expensive studios, microphones, mixing equipment, and editing software. Users can create studio-quality audio in minutes at a fraction of the traditional cost. Additionally, the platform’s translation and dubbing tools enable creators to reach new audiences globally.

Since launching in beta in 2023, Wondercraft has attracted over 30,000 users, including writers, entrepreneurs, advertisers, and brands. The technology is also being used by popular podcasts like Diary of A CEO and CoinDesk Podcasts.

Future plans

The funding will be used to further develop the platform’s capabilities and expand its feature set. Wondercraft is committed to using AI ethically and thoughtfully to empower creators of all levels to share their stories with the world.

Challenges and opportunities

Like any startup, Wondercraft faces the challenge of gaining traction and capturing market share. However, the company is confident that its product offering and timing are strong assets. The growing familiarity with generative AI products and the need for scalable content creation solutions in the current economic climate bode well for Wondercraft’s future.


With the AI gold rush, there are many other companies offering generative AI features and exploring into the podcast industry, including Synthetic Stories, Podcastlr, Auddy, Podimo and more. and content creation tools, Wondercraft stands out with its focus on audio and language, combining multiple AI technologies to deliver high-quality audio productions with a user-friendly experience.

Market potential

Wondercraft targets the creator economy, which is expected to reach $500 billion by 2027. The company aims to play a central role in helping creators produce audio, video, and professional dubbing to expand their reach across various content channels.

Team and diversity

Wondercraft claims to have a diverse team of eight full-time employees based in London, New York, and Cairo. The team is bilingual and represents various backgrounds, including Greece, Egypt, Sweden, the USA, China, and Germany. The company also collaborates with over 100 human language experts for its translation and dubbing services.

Our take on the matter

This AI-powered platform empowers anyone, regardless of experience or budget, to produce studio-quality audio content. Whether you envision a captivating podcast, a thought-provoking audiobook, or an engaging explainer video, this tool will help your vision come to life. As of now, its core strengths lie in accessibility, affordability, and multilingual capabilities.

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