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Nomono secures $3.6M to simplify podcasting for content creators

Nomono funding
Image credits: Nomono

The audio and podcast market is estimated to grow over $50 billion in the next five years. Apparently, many podcast startups are getting funded with Podimo and Auddy being the recent examples.

Now, a Norwegian developer of audio recording and collaboration tools that help podcasters and journalists, Nomono, has $3.6 million in seed funding. Previously, the company raised $12.4 million in funding.

The investment round was led by Schibsted Ventures, the venture arm of Schibsted, a Norwegian media group globally recognised for its production and distribution of news, podcasts and information across several media platforms. The round saw participation from SINTEF Venture V AS, Spintop Ventures, and Investinor.

Scaleup plans ahead

Nomono intends to use the funds to scale the market with its podcasting and spatial audio solutions.

CEO Jonas Rinde said, “It is an honour for us to be associated with Schibsted, a globally recognised leader in the production and distribution of news and information across multiple forms of media, including podcasts. They see in Nomono a business that will revolutionise media and journalism. Furthermore, securing this new round of funding in the current economic climate represents a huge validation of the company’s innovative technologies and market vision. It’s a substantial vote of confidence in our team, our technology, and our long-term future.”

Mats Staugaard, Investment Manager at Schibsted Ventures: “Creating a truly disruptive hardware solution is extremely difficult, but Nomono has the proven team and technology to deliver on its ambitious promise. Already, we’ve seen the noticeable impact the Nomono platform will have on podcast creators around the globe. We look forward to supporting the Nomono team every step of the way to revolutionise the rapidly growing podcast industry.”

Nomono Sound Capsule: All you need to know

This funding boost follows the launch of Nomono Sound Capsule, a cloud-connected, self-contained recording kit for capturing audio recordings in the field. It is designed specifically for professional podcasters and broadcast journalists.

The Wi-Fi-enabled recorder connects seamlessly to the Nomono Web App, an online audio collaboration tool where content creators backup their recordings, collaborate with their production team and apply AI-powered dialogue enhancement processing to ensure their audio sounds at its best.

Nomono will start accepting pre-orders for the Sound Capsule during the fall of 2022, and the Web App is currently available through a free public beta.

Simplifies podcasting

Founded in 2019 by Audun Solvang, Jonas Rinde, and Sigurd Saue in Trondheim, Norway, Nomono has the vision to provide storytellers and content creators with audio workflows that are smart, simple, and deliver excellent sound.

Its mission is to simplify podcasting and redefine the listening experience by enabling anyone to record immersive audio with uncompromising quality and ease. The startup has initiated a transformation in the way professional-quality audio is created, making it accessible to all.

Unlike current podcasting workflows that depend on separate field recorders, microphones, mixers, and accessories, Nomono offers a portable, all-in-one field recording solution built for podcasters and journalists that automatically upload recordings to an intuitive cloud-based audio collaboration and preparation tool.

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