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Bristol’s women-led fraud prevention platform Clue pockets £5M funding

Image credits: Clue

Headquartered in Bristol, Clue is a cloud-based, SaaS investigation case management and intelligence platform, which lets organisations prevent harm and threats. The company just announced that it has pocketed £5 million in a funding round led by Frog Capital (invested in Modulr, Rated People, and Skimlinks), a leading European investor, which specialises in scaleup software.

Clue will use the proceeds of this round to support its international growth strategy. Also, it will focus on platform innovation, which will help it improve the outcome of specialist investigations.

Female-founded startup!

The SaaS startup was founded by Clare Elford and Thomas Drohan. The co-owners of the company witnessed a massive lack of innovation in the way investigations are conducted. They realised that policemen walking down the lane jotting notes in their handbooks is not far off the mark.

Eventually, the founders came up with Clue, which brings the data, intelligence, and evidence amassed during investigations together, thereby minimising the missed opportunities and creating improved outcomes for the victims of corruption and crime.

While its roots are in policing, they realised that the world of investigations and intelligence is no more limited to policing. Eventually, they expanded to private, government, and non-profit sectors to investigate cyber-crime, child protection, fraud, corruption, cheating in sports, environmental crime, and more.

Easy to configure and set up

Clue operates with the idea that crime software doesn’t always have to be chunky and annoying to use. It has modernised the user experience delivered by investigation software. Also, the company is committed to releasing new features on a quarterly basis.

Clue is quite simple and easy to configure and set up. It is proficient in dealing with operational and historical data. With Clue, it is possible to set up the most complex intelligence and investigation units running within a few days. The platform conducts a familiarisation session so that users get the confidence and need no more training to use it. If there is any issue in using the intuitive platform, then it will run a free training session.

If users have data that is scattered between files, folders, spreadsheets, and third-party systems, then you can rely on Clue to import and index all the data including attachments. This way, it will be available for immediate operational benefit. The Clue software is underpinned by a sophisticated workflow engine, which is designed to readily accommodate a wide set of investigative and intelligence requirements. Also, there are no tedious installation, software conflicts, and IT headaches. All that is needed is just access to a web browser.

Joins global effort to minimise fraud

Clue joins the global effort to reduce the impact of fraud. It intends to promote anti-fraud awareness and educate the same by supporting International Fraud Awareness Week, which is between November 14 and 21. Also, the company has entered into numerous collaborations to support the counter-fraud community.

To detail on collaborations, the British Council uses Clue to combat fraud operations. Also, it is used by Fraud Team’s at Three UK, a connectivity company that connects people. Also, Clue partnered with Accelerated Capability Environment (ACE) economic crime campaign along with members of the community including Lloyds Bank, City of London Police and more. Furthermore, Clue has joined Cifas, the fraud prevention network, which manages the largest database of fraudulent conduct in the UK.

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