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This portable medical device just got $85M for offering fast, cheap tests outside labs with few drops of blood

Osler Diagnostics
Image credits: Osler Diagnostics

No, we are not talking about Theranos, the Silicon Valley startup whose co-founder Elizabeth Holmes was recently convicted of fraud but we are talking about a University of Oxford spinout formed in 2017 by Connor Campbell, dubbed as Osler Diagnostics. 

The medical diagnostic company is planning to launch its first blood-testing device and has secured $85 million in Series C funding from a strategic investor, M&G Investments, and existing investors, including Oxford Science Enterprises, Braavos Investment Advisers, and Lansdowne Partners (which backed Oxford Science Enterprises and Oxford Quantum Circuits).

This investment will support Osler in advancing its breakthrough Osler Origin product through regulatory activities, and towards market launch.

Connor Campbell, Co-Founder and CEO of Osler Diagnostics, said: “The Osler Origin platform has the potential to transform healthcare by enabling anyone, anywhere, to access, understand, and act on their healthcare information. This new investment allows us to advance the Osler Origin towards market, and to realise our vision.”

Portable diagnostic lab!

The Osler Origin is a portable tabletop device with a sleek iPad-like interface, capable of performing a wide range of testing in a rapid, low-cost, and easy-to-use manner. Osler Origin can offer a wide portfolio of high-performance diagnostic tests, into all major healthcare settings, globally.

The process of diagnostics in this portable lab requires linking a user, patient, and cartridge ID together. One has to scan the user and patient ID via an integrated barcode or RFID reader, or enter via touchscreen. Patient details are retrieved from the local IT system, for confirmation, to prevent a matching error. The test cartridge ID is automatically read on insertion.

It is designed to be operated by anyone, not just skilled professionals. One can start the test with a click, walk away, and review results from anywhere.

Blood testing startup from the UK

The diagnostics startup is headquartered in Oxford, co-founded by 27-year-old Connor Campbell. Campbell co-founded Osler with Jason Davis, a chemistry professor at Oxford, where the portable electrochemical blood glucose sensor was created.

Now the company employs over 100 multidisciplinary and diverse employees, including diagnostic industry veterans, engineers, scientists, manufacturing experts, and more.

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