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Mirai Flights jets off with $3M to expand instant jet chattering globally

Mirai's CEO Irakli Litanishvili
Image credits: Mirai

Mirai Flights, the London-based service disrupting the aviation industry with its instant booking of charter flights by turning it into a last-mile model, is today announcing it has closed a $3M investment round.

The platform allows for instant booking of charter flights with price transparency, available across 63 countries in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Central Asia with over 200 active users. Mirai Flights cooperates with 8 private airlines from the CIS, Germany, Romania and Malta, adding 3-5 airlines every month to its service.

This round was funded by Xploration Capital, whose Managing Partner Igor Kim will join Mirai’s board. The company intends on using the funds to scale its service in the UK, Europe, UAE and the CIS states through marketing and platform development.

Turning aviation into a last-mile model

Mirai Flights is disrupting the business of aviation, turning it into a last-mile model with tailored & analysed personal preferences to match supply and demand in the best possible way. The startup also utilises empty legs, thereby reducing carbon emissions. The service instantly links clients to private jets, offering a convenient time & location of departure with the option to choose the aircraft class, price, number of passengers, comfort level and a payment of up to €300,000 at the touch of a button.

And it gets better! Mirai allows its clients to compare offers from different airlines, offering a convenient option for payment; be it Apple Pay, credit card or topping up an individual’s account with a balance. Users can then track their order status in real-time as well as share their flight details with those who travel with them.

The platform allows for easy accounting, with itinerary receipts and cheques. Extra perks include the saving of travel documents and credit card confirmations with the ability to view flights and orders history. Via a 24/7 support chat, a personal manager arranges additional services and accepts the necessary documents online.

“We’re on a mission to digitize the aviation industry’s main services using cutting-edge technology to make the working process easier both for the service providers and users,” said Irakli Litanishvili, Mirai Flights co-founder and CEO.

Confidence in growth

The startup was founded in 2021 by Evgeny Chuprov and Irakli Litanishvili. Since then, it has grown to making over €3.8M, adding 24 new planes to its system. Furthermore, Mirai jets has partnered with 8 companies and saved over 300 tonnes of CO2 by offering empty legs to its clients with immediate booking. Irakli Litanishvili added, “We estimate that the market for commercial flights on private aircraft is up to 300,000 flights a year or approximately $10B in the UK and Europe. Our aim is to cover 4% of this market and provide up to 12,000 commercial flights per year in the UK and Europe in 2023, connecting 150 private jets to the app with an expected turnover of $240M.”

“We are targeting emerging markets and the business aviation industry is a great example of a highly fragmented space with largely antiquated consumer-facing technology”, remarked Igor Kim, Managing Partner at Xploration Capital. “By bringing together market players and offering customers instant reservations without tying them to operators, Mirai Flights has a potential to become the leading brand and aggregate the demand side in the long-term”

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