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mika secures €800k to revolutionise accounting and tax filings with generative AI for SMEs

mika founder Agnieszka M. Walorska. Picture credits; mika

Berlin-based generative AI startup mika has raised €800k in a pre-seed funding round aimed at revolutionising financial management for small businesses. The investment was led by Samen Slimmer, an alliance consisting of Keen Venture Partners, DFF, and Slimmer AI.

Eliminating bureaucratic hurdles with AI

Founded in 2022 and restructured under new leadership in 2024, mika focuses on leveraging generative AI to automate accounting tasks, tax filings, and financial advice. This allows small businesses to eliminate bureaucratic overheads and streamline their financial management processes. The company’s AI-powered solutions have been shown to significantly reduce time and errors, making financial management more accessible and cost-effective.

Agnieszka M. Walorska, CEO and Founder of mika, highlighted the need for such innovations: “Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, yet they’re drowning in bureaucracy—overcharged, underserved, and lost in paperwork. Having bootstrapped my first business as a migrant with no network, I know these challenges firsthand; that’s why I’m building mika. Imagine having a CFO-level AI in your pocket, handling all the financial complexities so you can focus on your passion. That’s mika.”

Supporting the digital transformation of small businesses

The €800k pre-seed funding will accelerate the development of mika’s AI-powered accounting and tax co-pilot, initially focusing on the €10 billion German market. The investment will help enhance mika’s AI capabilities and expand its reach.

Djoni de Vos, Investor at Keen Venture Partners, expressed enthusiasm about the investment: “Agnieszka makes it possible to get enthusiastic about tax and accounting, and that’s quite the accomplishment. The opportunity to bring AI into play to simplify financial management is enormous, and we are very pleased to back an entrepreneur in this space as resilient and driven as Agnieszka.”

First product launch

mika’s first product is an AI-powered accounting and tax co-pilot designed to automate key financial tasks. This innovative tool aims to save time and reduce errors by streamlining automated accounting and vat reporting for small businesses, optimise financial health by offering ai-driven, proactive advice and insights, provide real-time support through a conversational ai-powered accountant interface, and assist with official communications by interpreting letters from financial authorities.

The waiting list for mika’s tools is open, and the company is seeking additional collaborations with tax advisors to enhance its offerings.

About mika

Founded in 2022, mika is a Berlin-based startup that pivoted to its current focus on generative AI-powered financial management in 2024. The company aims to close the financial inclusion gap by providing small businesses with AI tools that automate accounting, tax filings, and financial advice. By merging AI and human expertise, mika makes expert-level financial navigation and compliance accessible to all small businesses.

About Samen Slimmer

Samen Slimmer is an alliance between venture capital funds Keen Venture Partners and DFF, and venture studio Slimmer AI. The alliance invests in early-stage AI opportunities across Europe, providing founders with funding and access to an experienced full-stack AI engineering team to accelerate product development.

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