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London’s MetaGravity ropes in $9.5M to build, interoperable, decentralised compute infrastructure for metaverse

MetaGravity, a London-based provider of the next-generation virtual world and metaverse infrastructure, has raised $9.5M in a Seed round of funding from Sino Global, Spartan Group LLC (also backed Gunzilla Games), Market One Capital, and several other investors.

The UK company will use the funds to expand its engineering and product teams to develop the infrastructure layer required to support massive metaverse experiences in the future.

MetaGravity aims to use the funds to fuel its growth in three key ways:  

Firstly, it plans to offer unlimited scale, with the capacity to support over one million concurrent users (CCUs), along with associated AI and interactive objects. 

Secondly, it aims to deliver sustainable unit costs, with breakthrough efficiencies in cloud compute costs per user as low as 1% of current technologies. 

Finally, it aims to provide seamless integration into any game engine and cloud platform.

Building compute infrastructure for the metaverse

Founded by Rashid Mansoor (CEO) and Tobin Ireland (CBO), MetaGravity is building the distributed compute infrastructure for metaverse gaming and virtual world simulations. 

The platform offers game developers:

  • Arbitrary scale 
  • Transformational cloud cost efficiencies 
  • Cloud-agnostic / game-engine agnostic ease of use.

“MetaGravity’s mission is to create the base cosmology to birth the Metaverse – i.e. to re-invent the laws of virtual physics,” said Mansoor. “Using our deep knowledge of massively parallel compute and engine technologies, we’re creating the technical foundation for a scalable and decentralised metaverse. By going back to first principles and taking a completely fresh approach to concurrency, we have already achieved scale many factors beyond what was previously feasible.”

“Mass consumer adoption of the metaverse is inevitable in the medium term, but it will require the development of the highest quality customer experiences and sustainable cloud operating costs. This can only happen with the next-generation distributed computing infrastructure that MetaGravity is building. We have a major role to play in the development of a scalable, sustainable, decentralised, interoperable, and safe metaverse ecosystem,” said Ireland.

“MetaGravity’s proprietary IP has the potential to completely change the possibilities the metaverse holds. Its next-generation technology is unconstrained by the mathematical limitations of existing infrastructure, delivered in a cost-efficient and flexible way. The best and brightest metaverse simulations of the future will be built on MetaGravity’s next-generation platform,” said Ian Wittkopp, Chief Operating Officer at Sino Global Capital.

“Investing in MetaGravity was a strategic decision for us. For the metaverse to reach its full potential, we need to develop the fabric and infrastructure to scale it and bring billions of people across the globe into a virtual world seamlessly. MetaGravity’s decentralised compute engine will be the key ecosystem building block to solving this problem and we are very pleased to be supporting a company that will help to define the future of Metaverse,” said Kelvin Koh, Managing Partner at Spartan Group LLC.

Photo credits: wacomka

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