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From self-driving cars to chore-battling bots: Robot Guru Kyle Vogt raises $150M for The Bot Company

From self-driving cars to now chore-battling bots: Kyle Vogt's announces new venture to lighten your load

Kyle Vogt, a serial entrepreneur best known for co-founding Twitch and leading self-driving car company Cruise, has launched a new startup called The Bot Company. This robotics startup aims to develop robots specifically designed to tackle household chores and free up people’s time.

Vogt announced the new company on LinkedIn, stating, “We’re building bots that do chores so you don’t have to. Everyone is busy. Bots can help.” 

Leading The Bot Company alongside Vogt are Paril Jain, who previously headed the AI tech team at Tesla, and Luke Holoubek, a former software engineer at Cruise. This team brings together expertise in robotics and artificial intelligence, which will be crucial for developing and deploying effective robots for household tasks.

Vogt’s return to entrepreneurship comes after his departure from Cruise in February 2024. His resignation followed a high-profile incident involving a Cruise vehicle and a pedestrian. Since then, Vogt has maintained a lower public profile. However, his history of building successful technology companies suggests a continued focus on innovation.

Robots are gradually becoming a part of our lives and many startups are coming up in the very niche. Earlier this year, we reported about Lucid Bots that raised $9.1M to scale up robotics for labour-intensive tasks. Moreover, another startup, Collaborative Robotics also secured $100M funding to advance human-robot collaboration.

Who are the investors

The Bot Company has secured $150 million in funding from a prominent group of investors and entrepreneurs. This includes individuals like Nat Friedman (former GitHub CEO), Daniel Gross (founder and investor at Pioneer), and Nabeel Hyatt (general partner at Spark Capital). 

Industry leaders such as Stripe CEO Patrick Collison, Stripe co-founder John Collison, and Quiet Capital are also part of the funding group. 

What we think about the update

While The Bot Company’s announcement has generated interest, there are still details to be revealed. The specific types of robots being developed, their capabilities, and their potential price points remain unknown. Additionally, competition in the home robotics market is growing, with established companies and startups alike vying for a foothold.

The Bot Company’s entry into the home robotics market signifies a growing effort to leverage technology to address the challenges of household chores. With experienced leadership, strong funding, and a focus on a significant consumer need, The Bot Company has the potential to make a significant impact. However, the company faces the challenge of developing effective and affordable robots while navigating an increasingly competitive landscape. Time will tell if The Bot Company can deliver on its promise of robots that take care of chores, freeing up people’s time to focus on other aspects of their lives.

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