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Lucid Bots cements $9.1M to scale up robotics for labour-intensive tasks

Lucid Bots cements $9.1M to scale up robotics for labour-intensive tasks
Picture credits: Lucid Bots

Lucid Bots Inc., a North Carolina-based company pioneering intelligent robotic solutions for demanding tasks, has secured $9.1 million in Series A funding. This investment round, led by Cubit Capital with participation from existing and new investors, aims to fuel Lucid Bots’ growth and propel its robots into new markets.

There is a growing market opportunity for robots capable of handling dangerous and labour-intensive tasks. Industry estimates suggest this market could reach $100 billion, and Lucid Bots is likely to capitalise on this demand. 

Andrew Ashur, Founder and CEO of Lucid Bots, emphasises the significance of the funding: “The demand for dynamic robots represents one of the largest market opportunities of our generation, and we look forward to leveraging this investment to accelerate the execution of our strategy.”

In a relative note, back in April, we reported about Collaborative Robotics (Cobot), a developer of cobots, that closed its Series B funding round, securing $100 million as well.

Building a domestic manufacturing model

Lucid Bots distinguishes itself by establishing a capital-efficient infrastructure for manufacturing, repairs, training, and customer success within the United States, specifically Charlotte, North Carolina. This approach allows for greater control over quality and potentially faster innovation cycles. 

“What Lucid Bots has achieved is unheard of in the cleaning robotics industry – they’re able to bring frontier products to market in rapid innovation cycles while being capital conscious,” says Philip Carson of Cubit Capital, a lead investor.

Robots for more than just cleaning

While the company’s initial focus has been on autonomous commercial-grade cleaning technology, with solutions like the Sherpa cleaning drone and Lavo Bot pressure washing robot, Lucid Bots’ ambitions extend beyond clean floors. The company’s press release highlights the potential for their robots to be adapted to various applications, including:

  • Urban infrastructure: “cleaning payloads that rejuvenate urban landscapes”
  • Agriculture: “agricultural payloads that optimise farming practices”
  • Logistics: “delivery payloads that redefine logistics”

This versatility is powered by Lucid Bots’ “differentiated, AI-driven software and sensor platform.”

From cleaning to unforeseen applications

Founded in 2018, Lucid Bots has garnered significant traction in the commercial-grade cleaning robotics space. The company’s focus on innovation and a domestic manufacturing model has attracted investors and positioned them for further expansion. As Ashur states, “Today marks an important milestone in Lucid Bots’ journey.” With this new funding, Lucid Bots is poised to move beyond cleaning tasks and explore the vast potential of intelligent robots across various industries.

What we think about the startup

While the rise of intelligent robots presents exciting possibilities for automating dangerous and tedious tasks, it also raises concerns about potential job displacement and the ethical implications of AI development. 

As Lucid Bots moves forward, collaboration with stakeholders across industries and ongoing discussions on ethical considerations will be crucial for ensuring that their robots are a force for good that benefits both businesses and society as a whole.

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