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Finnish startup Videobot secures €2M to spearhead chatbot-driven online customer engagement

Videobot founders
Picture credits: Videobot

The Internet used to be text but now it’s Video. As Generation Z and younger are fully adapted, and in demand of more video content over text, the global digital video content market size reached $171.5 billion in 2022. As the younger generations’ attention span for ads has plummeted to a meagre 1 second, brands and companies are looking for ways to engage their website visitors as well as explain their products in a simpler, more cohesive way.

Finnish SaaS startup Videobot’s fusion of chatbot and video technologies has given rise to a unique solution that represents a whole new service category. It is a groundbreaking startup that merges short videos and chatbots to revolutionise online customer engagement.

€2M funding for expansion

In a recent development, Videobot picked up €2 million in seed funding from Finland’s Superhero Capital known for backing Xceed and Doublepoint Luxembourg’s Expon Capital Digital Tech Fund, and angel investors, Sweden’s Urban Gillstrom and Finland’s Ari Korhonen.

The funding will be used to accelerate Videobot’s growth, especially in Europe and the US markets, both in which the company has already gained a solid foothold with over 200 customers in 15 countries and in multiple diverse industries.

Videobot envisions a future where video-driven engagement becomes the norm across industries. The startup’s aims to have one thousand customers and annual billing of three million euros by the end of 2024, with an objective of growing their team to 50 employees.

“80% of internet traffic today is video. Videobot represents a paradigm shift in online communication,” explained Anssi Kiviranta, co-founder of Videobot. “Our platform seamlessly integrates the convenience of chatbots with the engaging power of short videos, opening new horizons for businesses to connect with their audiences.”

“We had been searching for a solution to create an interactive bot for our website. Videobot was the perfect solution – ever since we launched it, our sales have been growing,” added Ulla Koivula, sales and marketing director at Moi Mobiili.

“The success of Videobot within such a short time is a testament to its transformative potential,” said co-founder Matias Mäenpää. “We believe that the future is fully video-based websites, not just widgets or plug-ins. With internet connections becoming faster and more stable, any brand can build its customer acquisition with video material. Potential clients are fully engaged from the get-go, and they are guided through a personalised video experience based on their choices and needs. We’re thrilled to collaborate with visionary investors who share our commitment to shaping the future of online engagement.”

“The world around consumer behavior and website lead generation is changing rapidly. We saw Videobot’s potential instantly – with an experienced founder team and impressive growth results within the first months of its existence, Videobot was a perfect addition to our portfolio. Videobot is a true trailblazer in this industry, and we wanted to support them in their quickly accelerating growth,” said Juha Ruohonen, General Partner at Superhero Capital.

Interactive video chatbots

Founded in 2022 by Anssi Kiviranta and Matias Mäenpää, both with extensive digital growth and SaaS company experience, Videobot empowers businesses to achieve measurable enhancement in their online customer acquisition by delivering captivating customer experiences through the seamless integration of video content and interactive chatbot technology.

The company aims to transform the landscape of online customer engagement using personalised, interactive videos.

Its technology can be implemented to any modern website within minutes with a widget or plug-in solution to the existing website, and it works seamlessly on any screen. Videobot also gives recommendations to its clients on the video format and content that is sure to drive engagement and generate more leads and ultimately, sales.

Videobot’s clients have witnessed a 98% increase in engagement, 150% more time spent on the website, and a 36% increase in overall sales lead volume. Supercell, for example, utilises Videobot on its HR website to boost recruitment efforts, while other clients use the platform to streamline the employee onboarding process.

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