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Evorra piles up $1M to help brand and agencies with responsible data marketing

Image credits: Evorra

Evorra, a London-based SaaS marketplace for brands and agencies to build and scale audiences, has raised $1M in pre-seed funding from York IE.

The company will use the funds to accelerate operation expansion across the US, Asia, and Europe and marketing.

Marketers are left with expensive and difficult-to-use products as the ad and marketing tech landscape rapidly grows to thousands of tools.

Here’s where Evorra puts an end to that.

The UK company fills the $200B market demand for privacy-compliant data at scale. It is also built based on more than 150 co-creation, prototyping, and iterative workshops with advertising, marketing, and media professionals.

As a result, Evorra solves real data pain points in teams so anyone in a brand or agency can become a data-driven marketer.

Build and scale audiences

Founded by Aaron Ritoper, Evorra enables brands and marketing teams to build or monetise addressable, first-party audiences at scale.

The platform allows digital advertising, leveraging clean-room technology without compromising scale, cost, transparency, or privacy.

Brands and agencies use Evorra to enable addressable audiences and fit seamlessly into their existing workflows via a simple user interface without heavy engineering resources.

“We are fortunate to have the support of investors that truly understand how Evorra solves real advertiser challenges,” says Aaron Ritoper, founder and CEO of Evorra. “The global interest in Evorra is growing every day because we bring together ease of use and the ability to activate privacy compliant audiences at scale without a costly technology burden. Evorra has developed with regular input from a community of brands who believe in the power of a posted cookie, decentralised data service, and are motivated by the opportunity to solve complex ad tech problems with uncompromising simplicity.”

“We are always excited to partner with companies who are taking a big problem and looking to solve it simply,” says Marshall Everson, VP of Investments, and Strategy, York IE. “This can only happen when there is the depth of experience in the team trying to solve the problem, and they are not afraid to look at things differently. We saw this immediately with Evorra’s founding team. The advertising industry urgently needs an easier way for advertisers to take back control of their data marketing decisions without the cost and complexity of legacy or some of the new solutions coming to market. Evorra is that solution.”

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