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AI meets sleep tech: Samsung Ventures invests in this innovative wearable startup

Earable Neuroscience
Picture credits: Earable Neuroscience

The consumer wearables market holds immense potential with nearly 900 million units being sold globally annually. This is because of the growing demand for sleep-related products, which is driven by a significant portion of the global population that experiences sleep difficulties. Apparently, the industry has transformed into a rapidly expanding one. 

Investment from Samsung Ventures

Realising the potential of this industry, Samsung Ventures, which is focused on investing in companies in the telecom, semiconductors, internet, software, medical, and bioengineering sectors, has pumped investment into Earable Neuroscience, a US-based startup. 

This financial investment underscores Samsung Ventures’ commitment to advancing healthcare technology for the future and recognises the potential of Earable’s FRENZ Brainband as a consumer sleep tech wearable. 

With this investment, the VC will support Earable’s global market expansion. Samsung Ventures’ investment team expressed their enthusiasm, “We recognized the immense potential of FRENZ, with its exceptional core technologies and pioneering status in the sleep tech industry and potential in other cognitive areas.”

Earable Neuroscience’s CEO, Tam Vu, stated, “Since day one, our vision has been to make the everyday advantages of neuroscience accessible to everyone. FRENZ holds the key to unleashing human potential, starting with the sleep experience. With Samsung Ventures’ extensive ecosystem support, we look forward to providing the best experience to consumers worldwide.”

AI-powered FRENZ Brainband

Established in 2018 by Vietnamese founder Tam Vu and headquartered in the US, Earable Neuroscience’s sleep tech wearable, FRENZ Brainband is powered by AI. It incorporates neuroscience technology into a consumer wearable and is touted to be the world’s first AI-powered consumer wearable that can track and stimulate brain activities for better sleep, focus, and relaxation.

The $490 wearable device uses bone-conduction speakers to deliver AI-powered, personalised audio in real-time. In May 2023, Earable sent its first shipment of merchandise to its customers. 

Previously, Earable Neuroscience received funding from the Founders Fund, Smilegate Investment, 500 Global, and other sources. 

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