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Tech rivals turned partners just raised $3.1M funding for their AI sales assistant


Most SaaS tech firms are making a shift to AI-enabled sales assistants in the frictionless world of AI sales assistants. Just recently, New York-based Attention, a sales assistant powered by AI, announced a $3.1M funding round led by California-based VC, Eniac Ventures, with participation from French VC, Frst, Liquid2 Ventures, Maschmeyer Group Ventures, Ride Ventures (US VC), and the founders of Ramp, Level AI, Truework, CBInsights, Zoi, among others.

Rivals turned partners

Founders Anis Bennaceur and Matthias Wickenburg established competing tech startups before joining forces and founding Attention together in September 2021. Since its inception, Attention has helped several sales teams optimise their CRM hygiene, accelerate sales cycles, and boost revenue.

The two rivals turned business partners look forward to ushering in a new era of productivity for the sales industry. Funds from this round will be used to strengthen the AI capabilities behind the product and win the market.

The goal of Attention is to transform every sales organization into its best self. Sales organisations struggle with ramp-up for new sales representatives and CRM hygiene and deal stagnation for experienced reps. Attention’s AI-powered sales assistant solves all of these problems.

AI sales assistant

The Big Apple city startup streamlines the most challenging aspects of sales. As soon as a sales representative makes a call, it automatically fills out their CRMs (Salesforce, HubSpot) – providing perfect forecasting visibility for C-Suite leaders – and automatically generates intelligent emails.

As a result of Attention, teams can ramp up new sales people quickly and efficiently, replicating top sellers’ best practices throughout the organisation. Through an embedded AI-powered solution, the software assists sales representatives in answering prospects’ questions in real time, resulting in higher success rates.

Throughout the entire sales cycle, it addresses inefficiencies, enabling more time for actual sales. “Attention is a game-changer. We’ve rarely seen any product like this in terms of efficiency gains and ramp-up acceleration. We’re also blown away by how fast they’ve been releasing new capabilities.” says Peter Santis, head of sales at RocketChat, who decided to also invest in Attention’s seed round after seeing the product.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Anis and Matthias as they leverage the latest developments in AI generation and natural language understanding to superpower sales organizations,” Hadley Harris, from Eniac Ventures. “We love working with repeat founders and couldn’t be happier with the strong pull they’re already getting from the market.”

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