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French self-hypnosis app that helps people quit smoking, lose weight and sleep better gets $5.1M

Oneleaf app
Image credits: Oneleaf

Approximately 4.5 trillion cigarette butts pollute our global environment every year, making them the most commonly polluted plastic. Additionally, anxiety and tobacco cause tens of millions of deaths every year. Paris-headquartered Oneleaf, a wellness company empowering users to leverage self-hypnosis is trying to change this scenario.

The wellness startup that offers a self-help app has snapped $5.1 million funding. The investment round was led by French seed VC Frst (that backed insurtech startup Orus and AI-powered sales assistant Attention) alongside several other prominent French investors, including Kima Ventures and Raise Ventures participating.

Oneleaf will use the latest round of funding as the first step in its pursuit of ambitious goals in 2023. The company plans to capture the US market by growing its user base by 20% each week and establishing B2B business as early as next year.

“This show of support and capital ensures Oneleaf is well positioned for growth as we continue to expand in the U.S.,” said Eliott Cohen-Skalli, the founder and CEO at Oneleaf who turned to hypnosis himself to quit smoking. “Self-hypnosis has the potential to help millions of Americans navigate common wellness issues, just like it helped me. Our users are already seeing success, with 85% of committed Oneleaf users’ testimonials reporting improvements to their condition.”

“The versatility of the self-hypnosis market is very exciting, and Oneleaf’s accessible, evidence-based programs are uniquely positioned to lead the way in multi-billion-dollar industries like weight loss, smoking cessation, or improving sleep, providing lasting solutions where most efforts have failed,” said Bruno Raillard, co-founder and managing partner at Frst.

Self-hypnosis to tackle wellness issues

Founded in 2022 by Cohen-Skalli (previous co-founder of Le Collectionist) in Paris, Oneleaf uses evidence-based, guided self-hypnosis programs to help people address some of the world’s most common wellness issues, including smoking, weight management, and poor sleep.

He created Oneleaf with this in mind, hoping to share the power of self-hypnosis with others to help them address their wellness issues. While the team just has 4 members for now, they work with several female contractors, including female voice talent, as well as 2 women in their scientific committee, a female performance marketing contractor, and a woman working on SEO content.

Currently available in the U.S., the audio-based programming acts as a guide to help change a person’s belief system in order to re-align the mind and body in a healthier way. Each program is designed to fit the user’s lifestyle, equipping them with the tools they need to take control of their life, and keep that control, from the comfort and convenience of home.

Oneleaf’s programs were developed with the help of several industry experts. Each program lasts 21 days and is backed by research showing that the basal ganglia region of the brain, which acts as the root of decision-making, requires a 21-day cycle to form or change habits.

Oneleaf’s longevity comes from its ability to help people with several problems and not just one. After using self-hypnosis to address a specific issue, a person can easily pivot to another Oneleaf program to address a separate issue in their life.

25% percent of Oneleaf’s users are new to hypnosis and have turned to the company for help addressing a variety of challenges including smoking cessation, weight loss, and mindfulness. Furthermore, its range of programs helps businesses to cut down on healthcare costs for employees and opens the door to a fruitful B2B market. It helps employees change dangerous habits like smoking, which is among the world’s top killers.

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