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AI-based CI optimisation platform from Israel: Redefine snaps $8.5M funding

Redefine team
Image credits: Redefine

In the technologically advanced world, AI is an inevitable tool to drive efficiency and productivity. It is poised to revolutionise the way we approach continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD). Israel-based Redefine is the first AI-based CI optimisation platform that accelerates the software development cycle and reduces cloud costs.

In a recent development, Redefine has emerged from stealth and picked up $8.5 million in a seed round led by Gillot Capital from Israel. The round also featured investments from industry leaders, includng Nitzan Kapira and Ran Rabenzaft (founders of Epsagon), Efrat Rapoport (director of Salesforce Israel), Assaf Ezra (founder of Granolite), Simon Peryman (former VP of Development at Twitch), and Farhan Tawar (VP of Development at Shopify).

Currently, Redefine has a team of 25 employees in Tel Aviv and plans to use the seed funding to recruit fresh talent and accelerate its development.

“AI-based solutions are increasingly adopted, and it’s inevitable that software development and advanced automation will follow suit,” said Lior Neuman, CEO of Redefine. “Our solution optimises processes, shortens running times, and saves machine costs while improving developers’ experience.”

Gillot Capital’s general partner, Nofer Amikam, stated, “Balancing code quality with speed of deployment is a crucial challenge for organisations. Redefine has bridged this gap by precisely optimising CI processes, saving organisations valuable time and expenses without compromising code quality. The innovative solution and strong entrepreneurial team make for a winning combination.”

AI-powered CI optimisation platform

The software development industry has shifted from manual QA to CI/CD processes with automation tools. This shift requires more resources to speed up CI time. Founded in 2022 by Lior Neuman and Ayal Regev, Redefine’s AI-based solution optimises CI/CD processes and shortens CI time.

All this is done in a single click without any code changes or human involvement. The technology uses static code analysis and AI to identify relevant tests for each new code change and minimises feedback time for developers by over 90%.

Redefine’s AI approach offers a unique solution through predictive test selection, providing organisations with improved processes, shorter run times, and cost savings without compromising code quality. The company operates on a SAAS model and boasts partnerships with Intel, Claroty, Salesforce, PAGAYA, and more.

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