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OpenAI executive backs $11M round of this Israeli startup using generative AI to help developers create software faster


CodiumAI, a Tel Aviv-based code integrity solution provider, announced the beta release of its generative AI-powered code integrity solution that interactively assists developers in testing their code.

Additionally, the company has secured $11 million in Seed funding co-led by Vine Ventures and TLV Partners (also backed GoodOnes) alongside notable angel investors including executives from OpenAI, Snyk, and VMware. 

With this funding, CodiumAI is developing its first AI model, dubbed TestGPT.

Addressing chronic pain points

Itamar Friedman and Dedy Kredo, serial entrepreneurs with backgrounds in software development, machine learning, and product management, founded CodiumAI to address a chronic pain point they have dealt with throughout their careers — verifying and validating code.

“Developers have a love-hate relationship with writing tests for their code. They love the quality it brings but hate spending time on this. CodiumAI is here to change that, offering free auto-generated software test suite suggestions to developers, starting with Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript. We help developers eradicate bugs and code with confidence,” said CodiumAI CPO and co-founder Dedy Kredo.

CodiumAI is currently available as an extension for popular IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) such as VSCode, PyCharm, and WebStorm. 

“In the last few months, we have witnessed the rise of coding assistants like GitHub Copilot and the explosion of ChatGPT. We work on the confluence of these developments, fine-tuning generative AI for testing code logic. CodiumAI IDE Extensions, and our TestGPT model, are the first steps towards our mission: making code integrity feasible, for any code and all developers!” said CodiumAI CEO and co-founder Itamar Friedman.

The company claims that thousands of users have already installed CodiumAI since 

its closed-alpha release in January 2023.

“CodiumAI is addressing a real need in the market. There are already tools to check software vulnerabilities, other tools to test performance, and now even tools that help developers generate code. But a solution for testing code logic is missing, and it is not a coincidence, as it is a very challenging task – it is almost like getting into the mind of the one who wrote the code. CodiumAI is a creative, targeted, and focused use of generative AI and an application that provides value immediately,” said Brian Sack, an Investor at TLV Partners.

“Generative AI has its stack composed of infrastructure, models, and applications. It’s a nascent domain and the jury on where and how value creation happens is still out. What we do know is that delivering versatile technology paired with UI/UX that is purpose-built for the user workflow helps. CodiumAI not only offers an innovative application but also builds IP in the model layer. We are excited to see the team and product adoption grow, and look forward to a bright future bringing tremendous value to users,” said Dan Povitsky, Vine Ventures’ co-founder.

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