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Developing world’s most powerful photonic quantum computer, QuiX Quantum lands €5.5M

QuiX Quantum CEO
Image credits: QuiX Quantum

QuiX Quantum, a Dutch quantum processor manufacturer, has landed €5.5 million in seed funding. The financing came from PhotonDelta, and Oost NL. The funding follows the appointment of industry veteran Dr. Stefan Hengesbach as QuiX’s new CEO.

The proceeds of this funding round will take QuiX Quantum a step closer to creating the world’s most powerful photonic quantum computer. QuiX expects to launch a full system photonic quantum computer based on its 20 qumode processor in early 2023 and a new generation 50 qumode processor in 2023.

Most powerful photonic quantum computer

QuiX Quantum was founded in 2019 by Dr. Hans van den Vlekkert and Dr. Jelmer Renema in the Netherlands. The company’s goal is the continued disruption of quantum computing with high-tech, scalable, future-proof, plug-and-play integrated photonic solutions.

Dr. Stefan Hengesbach, CEO of QuiX Quantum, said: “QuiX Quantum’s processors are already world leading and ideally suited to create the most powerful photonic quantum computer we have yet seen. This round brings us a huge leap forward towards this goal and will enable us to start production of a game changing 50 qumode processor.

Ewit Roos, CEO of PhotonDelta, said: “QuiX Quantum is one of the Netherland’s most exciting startups. In only three years it has become an industry leader and now, with this initial investment, it will be able to make a serious breakthrough in quantum computing.”
Paul Pruijmboom, Partner at, said: “QuiX Quantum will play a vital role in the adoption of quantum computing because of its scalability and stable plug and play systems. This distinguishes it from competitors in the industry. Multiple systems are already shipped throughout Europe and it is a matter of time till other parts of the world will recognize QuiX Quantum’s unique capabilities as well.”

Chimwemwe de Gaay Fortman, Director of Capital at regional development agency Oost NL, said: “Because of its groundbreaking achievements, QuiX Quantum has become one of the key players in the quantum computing industry with the use of photonic chips. Our region has a strong profile in the field of this key technology, QuiX plays an important role in this ecosystem. We are impressed by the outstanding performance of the team.”

De facto standard in its segment

The processors created by the startup are the de facto standard in most European countries for photonic quantum computing. Photonic quantum computers largely operate at room temperature and are therefore much smaller and cheaper than their electronic counterparts. Its processors could make a quantum machine from the equivalent of a laptop to a supercomputer.

Already, QuiX’s processors are the de facto standard for photonic quantum processing in the UK, France, Germany and Hungary due to its record breaking 12 and 20-qumode power.

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