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10 promising spin-offs from ETH Zurich to watch in 2023 as AI and robotics boom

ETH Zurich spinoffs

ETH Zurich is a public research university located in Zurich, Switzerland. It is one of the world’s leading universities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. In addition to its strong research focus, ETH Zurich has research groups devoted to topics as diverse as renewable energy and sustainable materials.

They have a comprehensive process for selecting and supporting spinoff companies based on its research. The process involves identification of commercial potential, evaluation of the business plan, incubation and support, and mentoring and networking. While it has a rigorous process for selecting and supporting spinoff companies, a total of 540 ETH spin-​offs have been founded in the past 49 years.

Here at TFN, we have listed some of the innovative robotics and AI startups that were spun off from ETH Zurich in recent times.

Gravis Robotics AG

Gravis Robotics
Image credits: Gravis Robotics

Founder/s: BURAK Çizmeci, Dominic Jud, Marco Tranzatto, Pascal Egli, Ryan Luke Johns, Simon Kerscher
Founded year: 2022
Total funding: NA

With over a decade of experience in construction robotics, Gravis Robotics has developed the world’s most advanced robotic excavators. It aims to bring automation to an industry with a slowly rising or stagnating productivity and a global labor shortage. It provides different solutions based on the client’s needs such as advanced teleoperation, semi-autonomy, and full autonomy


Quazel founders
Image credits: Quazel

Founder/s: David Niederberger, Philipp Hadjimina, Samuel Bissegger
Founded year: 2022
Total funding: NA

Quazel empowers language learners to practice new languages by talking about anything they want. With its AI Agent, learners can have conversations about any topic, they are interested in. Each conversation is completely unscripted and the AI will react dynamically to whatever you say. It enables users to get a practical conversational experience from day one. The conversations are held in a learning environment, which steadily reinforces the learner’s motivation for progress.


Caterra team
Image credits: Caterra

Founder/s: Aurel Neff, Patrick Barton
Founded year: 2023
Total funding: NA

With the objective to make scalable organic farming possible, technologies are needed that greatly reduce the use of manual labour. With its laser-based approach, Caterra’s robot allows the removal of weeds that are in close proximity to the crop, something mechanical methods are unable to do. Its robots are small, lightweight, fully electrical, and chemical-free.

Saeki Robotics

Saeki Robotics founders
Image credits: Saeki Robotics

Founder/s: Oliver Harley, Andrea Perissinotto, Matthias Leschok
Founder/s: 2022
Total funding: NA

Involved in the development of robotic digital manufacturing (RDM) cell, Saeki Robotics combines robotics, 3D printing, milling, post-processing, and 3D scanning in one solution. It creates large-scale components, on-demand, cost-effectively, and with minimal material usage. It provides the full hardware and software automation stack consisting of the tools and materials needed for RDM, control, and design software. Also, it is building a turnkey package that is easy to use and cuts lead times by streamlining the design-to-part process.

NanoFlex Robotics

NanoFlex Robotics
Image credits: NanoFlex Robotics

Founder/s: Matt Curran, Christophe Chautems, Bradley Nelson
Founded year: 2021
Total funding: $18.6M

Nanoflex Robotics is developing a robotic system that allows for the precise movement of specially-made catheters using electromagnetic controls. The technology enables surgeons to quickly and accurately navigate catheters with extreme precision throughout the vascular system.

In February this year, the company raised over $12 million in a Series A round of funding round led by female-led VC Ascend Capital Partners. The startup will use the funds to roll out its first-generation system to market and accelerate the development of new neuro-interventional products.

Ascento Robotics

Ascento Robotics
Image credits: Ascento Robotics

CEO: Alessandro Mora
Founded year: 2021
Total funding: NA

Ascento Robotics offers a Robotics-as-a-Service Security Solution that performs outdoor patrols on large private premises. It offers robots for autonomous outdoor security and surveillance. It also offers a cloud and AI-based platform for analysing and tracking the movements of the machine.

Calvin Risk

Calvin Risk team
Image credits: Calvin Risk

Founder/s: Julian Riebartsch, Syang Zhou, Maximilian Rieder
Founded year: 2022
Total funding: $1.5M

Calvin Risk’s risk assessment framework and risk management platform provide the foundation for trustworthy and responsible AI. It helps organisations gain control of AI efforts by managing their risks. Its software platform will ultimately aim to calculate the precise probability of ethical failures in AI. With its risk management system, Calvin Risk is targeting three leading users of AI – insurance, pharmaceuticals and tech.

In December 2022, the Swiss AI risk assessment startup Calvin Risk snapped $1.5 million of pre-seed funding from VC investors btov Partners and Wingman Ventures.

Digit Soil

Digit Soil founders
Image credits: Digit Soil

Founder/s: Sonia Meller, Hélène Iven
Founded year: 2021
Total funding: NA

A female-led startup, Digit Soil provides a soil health sensor that enables customers to see real-time information on their biological soil quality and decomposition of organic matter by measuring soil enzyme activity. It also tracks the history and provides information on past analysis.


Transcality cofounder
Image credits: Transcality

Founder/s: Gabriel Tilg, Sasan Amini, Lukas Ambühl
Founded year: 2021
Total funding: NA

Transcality uses big data, cloud computing, machine learning, simulation, and automation to efficiently create digital transportation twins that offer affordable and quickly updated solutions for challenges such as ever-growing congestion and emissions. It builds a digital replica of traffic coupled with a ready-to-use simulation that enables the customer to model future scenarios.

Aegis Rider

Aegis Rider
Image credits: Aegis Rider

Founder/s: Simon Hecker, Nicolas Zobernig, Karsten Hagge, Timon Gentzsch
Founded year: 2021
Total funding: NA

Aegis Rider is a virtual reality company that provides augmented reality systems for motorcyclists. It revolutionises the way we visualize and consume 3D content with its AR motorcycle helmet and app that capture, process, and display personalised information to the rider. It offers end-to-end technology for Augmented Reality systems on dynamic platforms.

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