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10 innovative tech startups from Manchester flying the flag for Northern tech in the UK

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For some, Manchester’s sporting and cultural contributions might be the first things that come to mind about the city. However, the news that Steve Bartlett’s Social Chain has sold for a reported £7.7 million has highlighted Manchester’s position as a major tech centre.

Recent research by the (now re-organised) Department for Culture, Media and Sport, has illustrated the city’s tech profile. Raising more than £500 million in funding in 2022, an increase of 50% from the previous year, last year’s funding took the five-year total to more than £1.8 billion. Manchester now places ahead of European capitals like Brussels, Lisbon, Rome, and Warsaw.

And it’s a major regional employer. The tech sector represents a quarter of the city’s available jobs. There are over 1,600 startups and scaleups in the city, employing approximately 60,000 people.

Social Chain might have captured the headlines, but here are ten other Manchester-based startups that we think deserve attention.


Be.EV made its own headlines in 2022 when it raised a record £110 million. One of the biggest drawbacks of electric vehicles is charging. For many, especially those in urban environments, where they might lack off-road parking, an electric vehicle can, literally, be a non-starter because of the lack of charging options.

Be.EV are changing this, with its ever-expanding charging infrastructure, they are planning to have a network of at least 1,000 charging points across the northwest by the end of 2023

The Modern Milkman

For many, the early morning clink of the milkman’s deliveries is a thing of the past, a victim of the convenience of supermarkets, and then supermarket delivery services. But The Modern Milkman is bringing the traditional milkman back, with an environmental twist.

Raising £50 million, they are not just ensuring that milk bottles are reused, but that everything they deliver can either be returned and reused, or is fully biodegradable. Eliminating single-use plastic, they are at the forefront of environmentally friendly delivery.

Freedom Fibre

Raising £84 million in May. Freedom Fibre is making sure the region has connectivity that befits a tech centre like Manchester. Rolling out high-speed broadband, they aim to provide two million businesses with affordable full-fibre internet.


Securing £12 million in funding, Netacea is a cybersecurity platform that fights malicious bots. The platform offers a no-code approach, analysing existing logs to identify and combat bad actors, and already has some major names as clients.

At a time when it’s estimated that as much as half the internet’s traffic could be bots, and everyone from rogue states to the stereotypical teen in a bedroom can be behind them, Netacea offers affordable protection to businesses keen to protect their data and reputation.


Although vehicle manufacturers attract the headlines for their smart or autonomous vehicles, the tech sector is providing a support at every level.

Wejo offers a cloud-based data product, collecting information from individual vehicles. It empowers the manufacturers to do anything from identifying problems to developing their next innovation.


Started by two brothers, ConnexOne may be based in Manchester, but now handles over 15 million transactions a day over five continents.

Receiving £93 million in Series C funding in 2022, the company continues to expand, giving its clients an easy way to engage their customers.

Orka Works

Previously known as Broadstone, Orka Works makes it easy for people to find hourly work across a range of industries and sectors.

Working through an app, it makes advertising or applying for roles easy. And in regulated sectors like security, helps both sides ensure that they are working with people that meet all the required standards.


Medtech Zilico is pioneering diagnosis with a range of real-time devices, enabling the earlier identification of a range of diseases.

By eliminating the need for a separate pathology assessment, devices like their ZedScan can eliminate waits between screening and results, eliminating stress for the patient and costs for the healthcare provider.


Another medtech, Neophore have already raised over £18 million in funding with another round due to close in 2023.

Working at the cutting edge of technology, they are developing treatments that help the bodies own response to cancers. These can not only avoid the negative effects that many cancer treatments have on patients, but also offers treatment options to those that unable to undergo more traditional treatments.


Raising another $20 million in 2022, Sourceful are on a mission to make unboxing a joy, but also ensuring it doesn’t hurt the environment.

They offer easy to design and order bespoke packaging options. And the web interface doesn’t just make it easy to design and order, it also gives an accurate assessment of the carbon footprint the boxes create.

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