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Unleashing the future of EV charging: German startup PIONIX fills up €5M to develop a unified infrastructure

Photo credits: PIONIX

The transport sector is responsible for nearly 25% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, and electrification is the best solution for decarbonization. Speaking of electrification, it is being implemented across the transportation sector, including scooters, cars, trucks, buses, boats, and aircraft. It is estimated that there will be over a billion EV chargers by 2040.

Since there are numerous manufacturers of EV charging stations, each develops its own proprietary software. However, products need to function within an ecosystem that involves other brands, cars, and energy networks.

This is where PIONIX, a German-based company, comes into play. Its solution offers a standardized core that enables faster product development, cost savings, and ensures compatibility with the entire grid of players.

In a recent development, PIONIX has raised €5 million in an oversubscribed seed financing round. The round was led by the climate tech fund Pale Blue Dot (which recently closed a €93M fund and invested in Amini Corp) and yabeo Impact AG, with participation from Axeleo Capital, Vireo Ventures, and MobilityFund.

The funding will allow the German startup to establish its open-source stack, EVerest, as a global standard for more streamlined and efficient development in the EV charging industry.

“Similar to how Android accelerated the smartphone market over the past 20 years, PIONIX will play a similar role in reaching a billion chargers worldwide, which is necessary for reducing carbon emissions from transportation,” stated Joel Larsson, general partner at Pale Blue Dot.

“Our mission is to accelerate the development of the EV charging industry, making it faster, more cost-efficient, and innovative. With the funding, we can become the unified and modular platform for EV charging technology. We will expand our global presence and enable even more features,” said Dr. Marco Möller, CEO of PIONIX GmbH.

Unifying EV charging infrastructure

Founded in 2021 in Germany by Benjamin Mosler, Cornelius Claussen, Falko Tappen, Johanna Claussen, and Marco Möller, PIONIX is on a mission to revolutionise the EV charging industry. The team behind PIONIX previously created MAVinci, a drone startup acquired by Intel.

PIONIX’s groundbreaking solution, EVerest, is the first-of-its-kind software platform for developing, optimizing, and harmonizing electric vehicle charging infrastructure. It tackles the challenge of compatibility issues among different charging systems head-on.

With a track record of success, PIONIX has already partnered with leading component and charging station manufacturers like Texas Instruments and Mahle, delivering tailored applications and unparalleled support. Their expertise ensures seamless integration of EVerest, customised to meet each client’s unique requirements.

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