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UK-based Cargo Stream raises €1M for its cloud-based logistics management platform

Cargo Stream founder
Picture credits: Cargo Stream

Polish and UK freight forwarders, operating in significant markets with substantial cargo volumes, often face challenges due to extensive manual work. However, Cargo Stream, a management platform for the whole logistics chain of land transportation, is poised to lead the digital transformation of transportation companies in these regions.

Bags €1M funding 

In a recent development, Cargo Stream, a logistics management platform, has bagged €1 million in funding. The round was led by LitCapital (which backed Elinta Charge), a private equity firm. 

LitCapital, with its vast experience and strong track record in supporting promising startups, is an ideal partner to help drive Cargo Stream’s growth and market expansion strategies.

The fresh investment will fuel Cargo Stream’s ambitious expansion plans, enabling the company to further penetrate the Polish market while strengthening its operations in the United Kingdom.

“We are excited to partner with LitCapital and grateful for their trust in our big vision. Based on the current financial projections, our revenue will exceed 2 million Euro. Objectively, it could be more, hence our aim is to reach 3 million Euros in 2023,” said Sarunas Belickas, COO of Cargo Stream. “This investment will allow us to accelerate our plans for expansion in Poland. Additionally, it will provide us with the necessary resources to enhance our operations in the UK, where we already have a presence.”

Cloud-based platform for logistics

Founded by Sarunas Belickas in 2019 in Birmingham, Cargo Stream harnesses advanced technology and innovative solutions. It offers a seamless and automated platform that streamlines the logistics process. This digital approach reduces reliance on manual work, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency and cost optimisation for freight forwarders.

Earlier this year, Cargo Stream introduced its innovative cloud-based platform, which empowers freight forwarders and shippers to efficiently oversee logistics through a unified digital interface.

This platform has been thoughtfully crafted to simplify the often disjointed processes within the logistics sector. It automates logistics communication through notifications, alerts, and orderly messages, replacing the need to sift through emails, calls, and spreadsheets. By utilising this platform, shippers, forwarders, and carriers can seamlessly establish connections. This versatile tool can be accessed via both desktop and mobile applications. Freight forwarders can conveniently manage logistics within the platform, while shippers can coordinate their logistics from the same location.

The adoption of this platform eliminates the inconvenience of juggling multiple open windows on a computer for logistics companies. All order placement and management can occur within a single interface. Cargo Stream significantly benefits forwarders in the logistics industry, facilitating connections between forwarders and shippers. Movement management, communication, and file sharing are all consolidated within a shared workspace. By embracing Cargo Stream, traditional freight forwarders can undergo a digital transformation, embracing modern practices.

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